Optical splitter manufacturers introduce product use environment

Optical splitter manufacturers product selection

From the technical point of view, there are two types of 1 point and 4 optical splitters: hot melt taper type and PLC planar waveguide type. In general, 1×2 and 1×4 can use hot melt taper type, 1×4 and The above proposal uses PLC planar waveguide type, PLC type optical splitter using semiconductor technology, good spectral consistency, good channel uniformity, PON is the first choice for construction.

At present, there are many domestic manufacturers of PLC optical splitters, which are not introduced here. When selecting, pay attention to the working wavelength range, try to select the full band of 1260nm~1650nm, and some manufacturers have the best insertion loss indicators with standard products. If the system wants to transmit CATV video signals, also pay attention to return loss indicators.

Optical splitter manufacturers product use environment

Optical splitter manufacturers product application environment requirements use environment: -30 ~ 65 °C, RH5-9-95%

If products are used outdoors (such as sewers/outdoor enclosures), they must be protected against mildew, direct sunlight, excessive moisture, or too close to other sources of heat. In some areas, salt spray is also required.

The best fiber plus other protective measures to prevent rat bites. The position of the beam splitter is not easily bumped by other objects and it is not easy to be taken by people so as to avoid being destroyed by humans;

Pigtails support stretch resistance: <=5 Newton waterproof design: Must be placed in a waterproof, dustproof, sealed container.

Anti-electricity design: anti-lightning and power grid high voltage service life: >=10 years outdoor optical splitter manufacturers products, can be installed in the manhole, roadside, telephone poles and other places, waterproof anti-corrosion

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