The tank warning light is on. How far can we run?

Not long ago, some netizens told us about his experience. He was driving a car. Suddenly, he found that the oil meter light in the car was on. This could be anxious. After braving the scalp for more than 20 kilometers, he finally discovered it. A gas station was like a child who had been drifting for years.

How many kilometers can you open after the vehicle's oil gauge light is on? Today we will talk about this topic!

Drive on the road. When you find that your tank warning light is on, don't panic first because your car is not immediately emptied of oil. In general, 50 to 90 kilometers can be run. Of course, there is no uniform standard, and the mileage of different models is also different.

Normally, this mileage is also enough to support the vehicle to find a gas station. According to the most insurance statement, 20 kilometers is certainly no problem!

Therefore, there is no need to worry that the lightening of the oil gauge is only a warning, because the idea of ​​the car manufacturer is to remind the driver that he should immediately refuel, so the light of the oil gauge is not harmful to the car.

Of course, not everyone agrees to the above-mentioned practice. Because you may encounter various problems when driving on the road, you cannot ensure that you can find gas stations in a timely manner, such as at high speed or in traffic jams.

If you want to run a horse, you must feed the horse! Therefore, what the owner must keep in mind is that before going on the road, look at the oil gauge. If there is not much oil in the tank, be sure to go immediately! In the process of refueling, as far as possible to avoid drastic driving, everything has to be driven in accordance with energy-saving and fuel-efficient driving actions, such as turning off air conditioning.

If someone still picks up a car because the car is empty, then don't blame yourself. Take your slap in the face and call for help!

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