Common sealed garbage truck

We can often see a sealed garbage truck on the road, but it can also be called dump truck. It is mainly composed of a car chassis, a box, a door opening mechanism, a lift mechanism, and an electro-hydraulic control system. It is a new type of garbage truck. Machine, electricity, liquid integration of the entire sealed structure of garbage transport vehicles.

Looking at the above picture is not more impressed with it, but do you know about it?

Sealed garbage trucks are widely used for garbage transportation in urban residents' living areas, industrial areas, commercial areas, schools, parks, and scenic spots. It can be said that without it, the garbage that is visible in our lives really does not know how to transport it, and brings great convenience to our lives. It can be said that it is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects and transfers cleaning garbage to avoid secondary pollution. This also shows that the government has made great efforts in the environment.

In fact, sealed garbage trucks can also be classified from functions, but they all have one thing in common. They are sealed transfer bins and avoid secondary pollution. Every time I go to work, I can go through a garbage transfer station. The taste is very exciting, but I know there is a sealed garbage truck waiting there for transit. Imagine if it is just an ordinary loading and unloading truck, how many kilometers will the environment pollute? People. Whether or not a city is civilized can also be seen from these environments. The sealed garbage truck can also be said to have contributed to environmental protection. Of course, it is not only the function of trans-shipment, if you buy a garbage truck privately, If you want to have very large output, you can also transport bulk building materials such as ash, sand, stone, earth, etc. at your leisure. You can also send ore or coal in mines or coal. Because it has a sealed function, it can reduce air pollution!

Garbage trucks still seem very important, but they must also be sealed. This will make a great contribution to air pollution. We should not disagree! The need for government departments can invest more in sealed garbage trucks.

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