Problems in the promotion of soil moisture monitoring systems?

Although soil moisture monitoring is a complex process, it is very important for agriculture. The current agricultural development has entered a new stage. The formulation of various agricultural measures depends on real-time collection and rapid monitoring of soil moisture information. Therefore, the application of soil moisture monitoring system has important practical significance in the current agricultural development.

The application of soil moisture monitoring system can be said to bring soil moisture detection in China to a new stage, which is the automatic detection and forecast stage of soil moisture. Compared with the traditional monitoring methods, the soil moisture monitoring system can work automatically in the field or in the absence of people. It realizes the automatic transmission, processing and statistics of public opinion data, and the public opinion monitoring information can be more comprehensive and accurate. Provide drought information and accurately analyze the development situation of drought, carry out forecasting and forecasting work, effectively prevent drought and drought, and reduce various losses caused by drought.

Because of the obvious economic and social benefits that can be brought about by the application of soil moisture monitoring systems, the promotion and application of soil moisture monitoring systems has grown rapidly in recent years. The research and establishment of soil moisture monitoring systems is aimed at establishing efficient agriculture. Great contributions have been made. At the same time, it has provided reliable technical support for agricultural modernization. At the same time, there are also some problems in the process of promotion, which mainly focus on several aspects.

1. The Internet of things technology adopted by the soil moisture monitoring system requires the support of the network for the transmission of information. However, due to the restrictions of the application areas, the network construction of monitoring stations in some regions cannot keep up, and the system function cannot be fully realized.

2. Because the application of soil moisture monitoring system in agriculture is just in its infancy, it is still in the stage of exploration. Some aspects are not yet perfect, such as the lagging of communication means of intelligence information and the inconsistency of standards.

3. In general, the objective of the soil moisture monitoring system is to quickly and accurately determine the soil moisture in farmland, and to ascertain the profit and loss of soil moisture during the growth and development of crops, so that timely decisions can be made on irrigation, fertilization, or drainage measures. However, due to less systematic integration of soil moisture monitoring systems and flood control and drought resistance decision support systems, it is difficult to achieve seamless connection between systems.

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