What issues should you pay attention to when using smart automatic trackball?

The use of the intelligent automatic trackball is similar to that of an intelligent high-speed ball. The same applies to the traditional closed-circuit monitoring system. The intelligent auto-tracking function is integrated inside the dome. To activate this function, simply use the matrix, the control keypad or the DVR system to directly call the function presets.

The use of smart automatic track ball precautions:

1. The dome uses power: AC24V. The ball machine input rated voltage will be marked on the dome or corresponding place.

2. The interior of the dome camera is precision optics and electronic devices. During the transportation and storage and installation process, it is necessary to prevent incorrect operation methods such as heavy pressure, violent vibration, etc., otherwise the product may be damaged.

3. Please do not disassemble the dome device itself to avoid affecting the use of the device. There are no user-serviceable parts inside.

4. In use, all electrical safety standards must be observed and the special power supply provided with the unit must be used. RS-485 and video signals should maintain sufficient distance from high-voltage equipment or cables during transmission, and if necessary, they should also be protected against lightning strikes and surges.

5. Do not place the speed dome directly on the outside to prevent the dome from rain or moisture. Do not use it in wet places. If it is installed outdoors, it must be sealed and it must not be used alone in the open air.

6. Do not use the product outside of the limited temperature, humidity, or power supply specifications.

7. Regardless of whether the dome camera is powered on, do not aim the camera at the sun or extremely bright objects. Do not aim the camera for long periods of time or monitor bright stationary objects.

8. Do not use smart or abrasive detergent to clean the smart dome camera body. When cleaning dirt, clean it with a dry cloth. When the dirt is not easy to remove, use a neutral detergent to gently clean it.

9. Should use the intelligent high-speed dome camera with care, avoid collision or vibration. If used improperly, it will be damaged.

10. When installing a high-speed dome camera, mount it in a place with sufficient capacity.

11. If dust adheres to the lens, wipe it with special lens tissue.

Telescopic steel bellow cover

Steel telescopic guide shield is the traditional protection form of machine tool. Steel telescopic guideway cover in this field were widely used, to prevent scraps and other sharp objects into play an effective protection, through some structural measures and proper scrapings plate can effectively reduce the cooling fluid infiltration.

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