Dielectric Loss Tester Product Features

Dielectric Loss Tester Product Features

1. The instrument uses complex current method to measure capacitance, dielectric loss and other parameters. The test results are accurate and easy to implement automated measurements.

2. The instrument adopts frequency conversion technology to eliminate 50Hz power frequency interference in the field, and it can measure reliable data even under strong electromagnetic interference environment.

3, the instrument uses a large-screen LCD display, the test process through the Chinese menu prompts are both intuitive and easy to operate.

4, the instrument is easy to operate, the measurement process controlled by the microprocessor, as long as the choice of a good measurement method, the data can be measured under the control of the microprocessor automatically.

5、Integrated models, including standard capacitors and high voltage power supply, facilitate field testing and reduce field wiring.

6, the instrument measurement accuracy is high, can meet the oil dielectric loss measurement requirements, so only with a standard oil cup, and a dedicated test line to achieve oil dielectric loss measurement.

7, set up CVT test function, can realize the self-excitation test of CVT, do not need external attachment, only need to measure once, C1, C2 electric capacity and tandem loss measure all.

8. The anti-wiring test adopts the ivddv technology, which eliminates the phenomenon of unstable anti-connection data in the past.

9, with anti-wiring low-voltage shielding function, in the 220kVCVT bus grounding case, the C11 can be disconnected 10kV anti-wire loss measurement 10, with high-voltage dielectric loss measurement function, can use high-voltage transformer or series resonance for more than 10kV voltage Dielectric loss test.

11, ground protection function, when the instrument is not grounded or bad ground, the instrument does not enter the normal program, does not output high pressure. Over-current protection function, the instrument will not be damaged when the sample is short-circuited or punctured.

12. Electric shock protection function, when the instrument operator accidentally touches the electric shock, the instrument will immediately cut off the high pressure to ensure the safety of the test personnel.


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