Vacuum sewage suction vehicle after treatment

Vacuum sewage suction vehicle after treatment

The vacuum suction truck has the same principle of vacuum suction truck. All of them use a vacuum pump to vacuum the tank and use atmospheric pressure to press the dirt into the tank. In general, vacuum suction trucks are equipped with anti-relief valves. Anti-relief valves can prevent dump cans to some extent. However, the principle of the anti-overflow valve is to communicate with the air outside the tank in the tank after the dirt has floated, so that the air pressure reaches a balance, and the vacuum environment is destroyed to prevent suction. There is no sound in practical use. If you do not pay attention when you do other things while pumping dirt, it will lead to flooding. It takes time, probably a few seconds, for the air pressure inside and outside the tank to balance after the spill-proof valve of the suction truck has been opened. This may have been diffused within a few seconds. And if it is a high-power work, the air that the anti-relief valve flows into the tank can not make up for the suction of the vacuum pump, resulting in continued suction into the tank and the dirt will enter the water vapor separator, the oil separator and the vacuum pump. In particular, there are many impurities in the dirt. After entering the vacuum pump, the vacuum pump still rotates at a high speed. Impurities will rub on the scraper of the vacuum pump and the inner wall of the pump, causing the scraper and the inner wall of the vacuum pump to wear and fail to form an efficient seal. The suction effect is reduced and even suctioning is not possible.

When diffuse tank conditions have occurred, first close the power take-off device and then drain the tank's dirt. After the entire loop is cleaned. Including steam separator, oil separator, sewage valve below, discharge dirt after opening, and then clean with water, then drain and then use oil to clean.


Vacuum pump cleaning is troublesome. If impurities do not enter the pump body, you can turn on the drain screw under the pump body, add oil to the oil barrel, turn the vacuum pump by hand to make the oil clean the pump impurities and flow out from the drain screw. If impurities have entered, you need to open the vacuum pump and then clean it with fresh water and oil. After cleaning, you should check whether the blade and the inner wall of the pump have scratches. After the blade is installed, if there is any gap. If it is indicated that the blade and the pump body are worn and not suitable for continued use, the blade or vacuum pump must be replaced as required.

At present, the new sewage suction vehicle suction suction truck manufacturers of suction suction trucks have already installed anti-overflow valve + buzzer alarm double insurance according to user requirements. When the liquid level reaches a certain height, the buzzer alarm starts to whistle, and the vacuum pump can be turned off at this time, which greatly reduces the possibility of sucking the diffuser.


Sewage suction suction vehicle manufacturers based on users, for the sake of users. As a sales promotion, this alarm device is installed free of charge for the user of the car. Welcome the majority of sewage suction vehicle users to contact the consultation!

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