Bet shares the installation and application of precise measurement of metal tube rotor flowmeters

In order to make the metal tube rotor flowmeter work normally and meet the measurement accuracy required by the work, attention should be paid to the following items from the installation and application stages:
1, metal tube rotor flowmeter must be installed vertically, the flow of fluid from the bottom up flow meter, and the verticality is better than 2 °, horizontal installation when the horizontal angle is better than 2 °;
2. Metal-tube rotor flowmeters should be bypassed to facilitate trouble-shooting and purging without affecting production;
3, metal tube rotameter inlet should be more than 5 times the length of the straight pipe section, the exit should have 250mm straight pipe section;
4, the medium contains ferromagnetic material, magnetic filter should be installed;
5, the media contains solid impurities, should be considered in the valve and straight pipe between the installation of filters;
6, for gas measurement, should ensure that the pipeline pressure is not less than 5 times the pressure loss of the flow meter, so that the float's stable work;
7. When the temperature of the measured medium is higher than 220 °C or the temperature of the fluid is too low, it is easy to crystallize. When heat insulation protection measures are needed, the jacket type should be used for cooling or heat preservation;
8, pipeline flanges, fasteners, gaskets and metal tube rotor flowmeter flange standard are the same to enable the normal installation and operation of the instrument;
9, metal tube rotor flowmeter generally in the normal operation of the device does not require maintenance, failure occurs when the device is just starting, because the pipe is not clean, and the floater is stuck in the phenomenon of solid particles, this time the indicator The pointer stops in a position. At this time, the valves on both sides of the flowmeter should be closed first, then the upper flange should be removed, the float should be removed for cleaning, and then reinstalled. Pay attention to the tightening of the upper flange nuts to balance tightening and gasketing;
10. In order to avoid deformation of the metal tube rotor flowmeter caused by the pipeline, the flange of the process pipeline must be coaxial with the flange of the flowmeter and be parallel to each other, and the pipeline should be properly supported to avoid the vibration of the pipeline and reduce the axial of the flowmeter. Load, measurement system control valve should be installed downstream of the flow meter;
11, because the instrument is transmitted through magnetic coupling signal, so we in order to ensure the performance of the instrument, installed around at least 10cm, does not allow the existence of ferromagnetic substances;
12. The instrument for measuring gas is calibrated under a specific pressure. If gas is directly discharged to the atmosphere at the outlet of the instrument, it will generate a pressure drop at the float and cause data distortion. If it is such a working condition, a valve should be installed at the outlet of the instrument;
13. Be especially careful when installing ptfe-lined meters. Because of the uneven pressure, ptfe will deform, so the flange nut can be evenly tightened and symmetric;
14, is a meter with a liquid crystal display, when installed to avoid direct sunlight to the monitor, to avoid reducing the life of the LCD.
15, is equipped with a lithium battery-powered instrument, when installed, try to avoid direct sunlight, high temperature environment (≥ 65 °C) to avoid reducing the capacity and life of lithium batteries.
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