Lyft: No car can also become a chauffeur

Lyft: No car can also become a chauffeur

I don’t know if it’s because of the US$100 million that has been invested fast. Lyft, the US travel service company, has introduced some very generous policies to allow drivers to become car drivers without a car or money. On Thursday, Lyft announced that it has partnered with Shell Oil Company to provide special fuel drivers with fuel offers. The longer the service, the more discounts, and the possibility of refueling for free; Lyft also cooperates with the American car rental company Hertz, who wants to be a car without a car. The driver's person provides vehicle rental and the price will be lower than the market price.

Lyft's policies are to attract more drivers to join. After all, they are the basis for providing services. Although Lyft is less than Uber in market share, the company’s co-founder John Zimmer once said, “I hope to become the best-traveled mobile travel company for drivers”.

Previously, Lyft provided many benefits to drivers, such as providing Starbucks discounts; providing incentives and help for drivers on medical insurance and auto loans; and working with mobile payment company Stripe to reduce transaction fees. Competitor Uber also launched services such as refueling vouchers, phone bills and car maintenance subsidies.

However, Lyft’s inability to do this is not entirely due to its “good intentions”. It still treats chauffeurs as independent outsourcing workers, which can save formal employees’ income tax, insurance and welfare expenses. Uber is also the same. However, in June of this year, a California court ruled that Uber drivers should be regarded as employees, which may increase the cost of the company, but the case is still pending.

In contrast, the treatment of domestic car drivers is not so good. Yesterday, Dickey quickly obtained the first domestic car license in Shanghai. Although the car has taken a step forward on the legal road, the situation is still not optimistic. In addition to the need for drivers and vehicles to be approved to increase the cost of becoming a private car driver, the most significant concern may be related to the requirement that car prices must be higher than those of taxis. If the price is too high, it will attract users? No user, what's the use of a driver?

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