[Meter's latest patent] a waterproof smart meter

[Chinese instrument network meter patent] creative limit, instrumentation invention. Today we introduced a national invention-invented patent - a waterproof smart meter. The patent was applied for by Chengdu Easystar Technology Co., Ltd. and was authorized to be announced on February 23, 2018.
Content Description
The invention relates to the technical field of water meters, in particular to a waterproof smart water meter.
Background of the invention
The existing water meters are mostly connected with the pipes of the water pipes to facilitate the statistical water consumption, but due to the close contact with the water, it is easy to cause flooding of the meter or moisture on the meter, thereby affecting the technical problem of life of the meter.
Summary of the Invention
By providing a waterproof smart water meter, the present invention solves the technical problem in the prior art that the life of the meter is affected by the moisture or the meter water inflow.

The figure shows the structure of the waterproof smart water meter according to the present invention
The technical solution adopted by the present invention is: a waterproof smart water meter, including a circuit board, a housing, an electric meter display panel, a flow sensor of an inductive flow, a metering module, and an electric valve; a circuit board and a circuit board are connected to the meter at the bottom of the housing; Display panel, flow sensor, metering module, and electric valve. Flow sensor for sensing flow is connected to the electric valve and the metering module. A transparent square chamber is also arranged below the circuit board. The square chamber is provided with a water-changeable color. Filler, and the corresponding housing is also provided with a transparent window, the square chamber is provided with a hole, a circular tubular chamber is arranged around the power meter display panel, a desiccant is arranged inside the tubular chamber, and the tubular chamber is provided with a breathable contact surface of the power meter display panel. Membrane and vent holes are provided on the gas permeable membrane.
Further, the tubular chamber and the meter display panel are connected by a detachable hang buckle. The metering module is used to measure the flow of water according to the flow sensor.
One or more technical solutions provided in the embodiments of the present invention have the following technical effects or advantages: since a square chamber is arranged at the bottom of the housing and a tubular chamber is arranged around the meter display panel in the waterproof smart water meter, the tubular chamber The desiccant is installed indoors, and the water-fillable filler is installed in the square chamber to effectively prevent water leakage, and the water inlet condition of the water meter can be known in time to ensure the service life of the meter.
For more information, please download the full specification of the patent.
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