Introduction to the points that need to be paid attention to during the operation of the ball mill

Important to note in the operation of the ball mill introduction ball mill operation before, during and after the operation, all need to be checked.

Ball mill, I believe everyone is very familiar with it, we have talked about its structure, working principle, application range and so on. Today, Xiaobian introduces the precautions during the operation of the ball mill equipment. The ball mill needs to be inspected before, during and after the operation. Let’s take a look at it together:

1. Pay attention to whether the lubrication and cooling during the operation of the ball mill equipment are normal.

2. Observe whether the ball mill is running smoothly. The amplitude of the main bearing must not exceed 0.1mm.

3. The temperature of the main bearing during the operation of the ball mill equipment shall not exceed 60 degrees.

4. Whether the seal is good during the operation of the ball mill, there should be no ash leakage, oil leakage or water leakage.

5. Check all coupling bolts, anchor bolts and ball mill liner bolts for loosening, falling off and breaking.

6. Observe that the motor and its control system should be normal. The power and voltage of the mill should be within the specified range during operation.

7. Check if the high pressure floating system is normal and the starting control is sensitive.

8. Check if each signal device is sensitive.

9. In the transmission, the reducer and motor should be inspected according to the respective manuals and drawings.

10. During the operation of the ball mill equipment, pay attention to observe whether the hollow shaft and the oil ring rotate with oil. If the temperature of the hollow shaft is normal, if the hollow shaft is found to be hot, close to the burning tile, the forced cooling measures should be taken immediately, and the machine should not be stopped immediately. The oil quantity, temperature and timing of each lubricating part of the ball mill are refueled.

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