Measures to prevent the detonation of gas

Measures to prevent the detonation of gas

(1) Prevent open flames. It is forbidden to use open flame, smoke or use a stove to warm up within 20 meters around the wellhead room and the ventilation room; it is strictly forbidden to carry tobacco, ignition materials and chemical fiber clothes into the well; it is strictly forbidden to carry flammable products into the well and engage in welding work in the underground and wellhead rooms. must comply with the relevant provisions of the "coal mine safety regulations", and to develop security measures; forbidden to store gasoline, kerosene, transformer oil in the underground; cotton yarn for downhole use, cloth, lubricants, etc., must be placed in a covered iron bucket, prohibited Littering and throwing in the roadway, diverticulum or goaf; preventing coal from oxidizing and spontaneous combustion, strengthening the inspection and management of the fire zone, and regularly sampling and analyzing to prevent re-ignition.

(2) Prevent the occurrence of blasting flames. Explosive blasting equipment and blasting technology are strictly prohibited in underground mines; explosives and detonators should be selected according to the provisions of the "Safety Regulations for Coal Mines", and unqualified or deteriorated explosives are not allowed to be used; the depth of the blasthole and the amount of charge must conform to the operation. The regulations stipulate that the blasthole filling should be full, be realistic, and adhere to the use of blister mud; it is forbidden to use the exposed joint or the exposed blasting busbar; the connection between the blasting busbar and the detonator should be firm to prevent the generation of electric spark; the blaster should start in the incoming airflow as much as possible. Detonator; it is forbidden to put out guns and cannons; strictly implement the "one shot and three inspections" system.

(3) Prevent sparks. When selecting underground electrical equipment, it should meet the requirements of the “Safety Regulations for Coal Mines”. The explosion-proof performance of electrical equipment should be checked regularly and frequently. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced and repaired in time. Otherwise, it is not allowed to be used; the electrical equipment at the wellhead and underground must be protected. Lei and anti-short circuit protection devices, take effective measures to prevent downhole stray current; all cable joints are not allowed to have "chicken claws", "sheep tails" and Ming joints; it is strictly forbidden to work; the miner's lamp to be delivered must meet the requirements, and it is strictly forbidden to dismantle in the underground. Open, tap and hit the lamp head and light box.

(4) Prevent other sources of ignition. The surface resistance of high molecular materials such as plastics, rubber, and resins used in mines should be lower than the specified value. Install on the heat generating member overheating protection means; in the case of surface active low friction member gold metal plating solution; of alloy properties is difficult to ignite. When the mining face of the integrated mechanized unit operation encounters hard rock, the blasting treatment shall be adopted, and the water cutting and cooling measures shall be taken at the pick of the unit.

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