Yangzhou Hanguangling Tomb Museum Lifting Lighting

The long history of Han Dynasty culture is an inexhaustible cultural treasure of the ancient city of Yangzhou. Recently, the author learned from the Han Guangling Tomb Museum (Hanling Court) that in order to better display the profound Chinese culture, Yangzhou City will start Hanling Court. The renovation and upgrading project of Guangling Wangdi Palace will create two exhibition rooms in the Han Dynasty Yangzhou prince kingdom history exhibition and the Han Dynasty Yangzhou tomb display on the east and west sides of the entrance to the main entrance of Hanlingyuan, and showcase the long-standing Han with multimedia effects such as sound and light. culture. It is understood that the upgrading and upgrading project will be completed in the first half of next year. By then, the public will have a refreshing new experience. Enhance lighting to create a comfortable visual effect Guangling Wangdi Palace is located in the center of Hanling Court. After moving from Gaoyou Tianshan to Yangzhou in the late 1980s, the burial mound of Guangling Wang Liu’s tomb was buried 24 meters underground, and after Yangzhou’s reappearance Buried characteristics, so the Muyu tomb was restored and displayed in the underground palace. The exhibition hall also displays some of the cultural relics unearthed in the tomb, as well as the textual information about the funeral structure, so it is called the Wangling Palace. Stepping into the front hall of the main entrance of Guangling Wangdi Palace, a huge wood carving with a length of 6.2 meters and a width of 4 meters is presented in front of the eyes. The finely carved picture records the life of Wang Guangling, Wang Guangling. According to reports, this wood carving is made of red pine. Produced by special processes such as drying, the white Shenju Mountain model on the left side of the front hall and the gold jade clothing on the right side attract the attention of many tourists. The Guangling Wangdi Palace has been open for many years. From the feedback of tourists, the effect of the visit is not ideal due to the lighting system. Li Bin, director of the Han Guangling Tomb Museum, said that the upgrading of the Guangling Wangdi Palace will mainly focus on the lighting system, abandoning the discomfort of the dark and gloomy lights in the past, and replacing it with softer and brighter lights. Have a pleasant and enjoyable trip to showcase the theme of the exhibition while creating a relaxing and comfortable visual effect. The 400-square-meter Han culture double exhibition room has a history of 2,500 years of city construction. In the Han Dynasty, as the capital of the vassal kingdom, it has left a long history, and it has been divided and developed continuously, creating a magnificent and splendid civilization. Li Bin introduced that in order to show the splendid culture of the vassal state of Yangzhou in the Han Dynasty and the rich collection of the tombs of the Han Dynasty unearthed in Yangzhou, the exhibition halls on the east and west sides of the main entrance of Hanlingyuan will be used to create two exhibition rooms of the Han Dynasty dynasty dynasty dynasty and the Han Dynasty Yangzhou tombs. The existing two exhibition halls will be expanded. The expanded area is 400 square meters. It is used for Han culture display. It uses sound and optoelectronic multimedia means, as well as display boards and replicas to provide a broad and comprehensive perspective of Yangzhou Han culture. To make tourists have a more intuitive and informative understanding of the Han Dynasty, the first prosperous period in Yangzhou history. The overall effect is so arrogant that the use of sound and light is to set off the atmosphere, but it will not be too fancy, otherwise it will affect the theme. Li Bin said that the two exhibition rooms and the renovation and upgrading project of Guangling Wangdi Palace will be completed in the first half of next year. At that time, visitors will have a refreshing new experience. Showcasing the culture of the Han Tomb and the evolution of the vassal state, what will be in the exhibition halls of these two Chinese cultural themes? It is understood that the two exhibition halls are centered on the history of the vassal state of the Han Dynasty in the capital of Guangling, and the civilization of the Han Tomb. In the Han Dynasty, the vassal state of the capital of Guangling was Jingguo, Wu, Jiangdu and Guangling. With the strengthening of the centralization of the Han Dynasty, the territory of the four vassal states also experienced large to small changes. According to the introduction, the exhibition hall clearly shows the historical context through the display of the history of the Han Dynasty, allowing visitors to intuitively understand the evolution of the Han Dynasty vassal states in the history of Yangzhou. In addition, the princes of the princes of the Yangzhou dynasty in the Han Dynasty will also display the contents. Jiangdu Wang Liufei, Jiangdu Wang Liujian, Guangling Wang Liuwei, Guangling Wang Liujing, the once prominent emperors, where are the souls, where they will be buried, will be analyzed through the display of content . Since the 1970s, there have been hundreds of Han tombs unearthed in the city. Many of these exquisite funerary objects in the Han Tomb have considerable cultural value. These are the physical materials we study Chinese culture. According to reports, the shape and burial of the tombs of Yangzhou in the Han Dynasty will also be restored through the exhibition panels or models of the exhibition hall, presenting the original Han Dynasty tombs to tourists. The Queen's Tomb will restore the harem life scene. The Queen's Tomb on the east side of the Tomb of Guangling is unearthed from the tomb of Guangling Wang Liu. The same age-level yellow sausage is buried in the funeral system. At the same time, it is moved to Yangzhou. The two tombs are juxtaposed. There are more than 300 pieces of cultural relics unearthed from the tombs of the couples, including the inscriptions of the inscriptions of the sixty-two years, and the inscriptions of the Guangling private government. They provide reliable texts for determining the identity and status of the tomb owners. The tomb of the queen is presented. The middle type is the tomb of the Yankeng vertical hole type of the yellow intestine. The structure is composed of the seal, the grave, the tomb, the Tibetan mastiff, and the outer Tibetan mastiff. The author understands that at present, the Chen Zhan upgrading project for the Queen's Tomb Exhibition Hall is underway, and the lifting project is expected to be completed next month. According to reports, the area where the Queen's Tomb is located is located in the area of ​​termite activity in the city. Due to the rich groundwater in Yangzhou, the drainage and moisture protection of the exhibition hall during the rainy season is a test. Li Bin introduced that the upgrade and renovation mainly focused on the anti-ant and moisture-proof of the ancient tomb. , fire prevention, anti-theft and other aspects, the original display cabinet can be used as much as possible to retain, at the same time, adjust some of the display artifacts, so that the new exhibition content and style of exhibition more in line with the characteristics of female tombs, such as the addition of some women's products Cultural relics will also restore a harem life scene, so that visitors can more intuitively and intuitively appreciate the charm of Chinese culture, better protect cultural relics and highlight cultural connotations.

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