Over 80% of car rental market is hot young people aged 25-30

The Spring Festival approached. After the reporter visited the market, he learned that the car rental market in Yangcheng was hot and many models had already been booked out. Car rental prices were also rising. Many car rental companies even temporarily canceled one-day car rental.

Hard to find a car

Booked last December

Yesterday, Runyang Plaza's leasing company "Youku Car Rental", customer service staff had already answered more than a dozen calls in the morning, and they were consulting car rental. “At present, nearly 50 vehicles prepared at our stores have been booked out.” The staff told reporters that on the New Year’s Day, there were already old customers to consult, and recently they had called to rent a car.

In several nearby car rental companies, the current car sources are also very tense. “We started accepting Chinese New Year online car rental reservations in December last year. The existing car sources are running out, and only two or three cars are left in the economic models. ."
According to Mr. Li of a car rental company, Yangzhou is a second-tier and third-tier city, and there are still many people renting cars. “The rental market during the Spring Festival can be said to be in a state of supply less than demand.” He estimated the overall increase in car rental for the Spring Festival this year. To reach 20% -30%.

Car rental prices skyrocket

Some car dealers cancelled daily rent

"If I can't buy a ticket at home, I want to rent a car to go home." Mr. Chen’s hometown is in Peixian County, Xuzhou. It is inconvenient to go home to buy tickets each year. He has to transfer his car, take a taxi and go to the entrance to the village. inconvenient. With the baby this year, their family decided to rent a car to go home for the New Year. “I asked in a car rental company that the Honda Fit’s daily rent was more than a hundred yuan over the past few days. However, from the New Year’s Eve, the same model could be said to have doubled in size, and the daily rent has reached four or five hundred yuan.” Mr. Chen estimated that the cost of car rental for seven days suddenly increased by a thousand dollars.

Industry insider Mr. Li said that prices may rise before the Spring Festival. “General car rental companies will increase their prices by 20%-30% during the Spring Festival, and some car rental companies may have to fold several times during the Spring Festival.”

After the reporter visited the market, he learned that at present, some rental car companies have suspended the daily rental business and set a time for “packaging”. The staff of the “Car Rental” said that the minimum rental period from New Year’s Eve is at least 7 days, and the shortest rental period for “Excellent Speed ​​Car Rental” on New Year's Eve is also 7 days.

More than 80% are young people

Economic models are still sought after

Mr. Huang, who is currently renewing by the auto dealers, said that during the Spring Festival trip home, the tickets are hard to buy, the Spring Festival Express is free, and it is very convenient to rent a car home. “It is also very convenient to go back home with children and go back to Jiangxi. It is also very convenient to visit relatives at home,” he said.

According to industry analyst Mr. Li, over 80% of the cars rented during the Spring Festival are 25- to 30-year-olds. Most of them choose economic models of RMB 100,000 to RMB 15 million for economic reasons. Mostly. "In addition to the car-renters returning home for the New Year and driving, there are also many Yangzhou people who have returned to Yangzhou for the New Year in other places. "They are more willing to choose mid-to-high-end cars worth more than RMB 200,000, mainly from business people and returnees. Mainly. ”

Hot with the market

Chinese New Year makes cars "work odd jobs" risk

For those who do not drive for the Spring Festival, the idle car also provides the opportunity to make the car “work odd jobs”. Ms. Zhao asked the public, like the price of her home Sagitar affiliated rental car line is more than 100 yuan a day, while the Camry has reached more than 200 yuan.

Yesterday, the reporter asked several car rental companies, and many customer service staff gave a positive reply.

In this regard, Liu Jun, an attorney of Yangzhou Ocean Law Firm, stated that private car rental poses real risks and that if an accident occurs, it is prone to disputes.

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