·2016 first wheel training seminar held in Beijing

Not long ago, during the 22nd China International Auto Accessories Exhibition, Lun Cool (Beijing) organized the first 2016 Wheel Training Seminar.
The reporter learned on the spot that the two-and-a-half-day training seminars mainly targeted terminal service stores such as tire shops, fast repair shops, and car wash beauty shops. Post-market enterprise personnel from Henan, Hubei, Shandong, and Beijing attended the meeting.
Xing Fei, CEO of Roul Cool, believes that the current automotive aftermarket terminal stores should vigorously cultivate non-standardized products--services, and paying attention to service is the way of store survival and development.
In the report on “The Status Quo of China's Automobile Aluminum Wheel Industry and the Ways of Legalization of Modification”, Wang Xiaodong, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Industry Association Wheel Committee, conducted an in-depth analysis of the current situation of China's aluminum wheel industry, and discussed with the participants the legalization of car modification. Way.
Yu Jun, CEO of Lu Junda Enterprise Consulting, shared at the meeting how “the steam service store scientifically set up the project”. He stressed that the terminal store finds its core competitive advantage, finds the way to collect customers and profit points, and uses high-viscosity products and strong experience services to form a strong relationship with customers.
Yu Shiyao, the author of "Automobile Parts Selling Such" and a famous automotive aftermarket training expert, said in a live speech: "You don't have a relationship with your customers, you have nothing to do with it." The training experts present at the same time stressed that the importance of establishing relationships with customers for the terminal store is self-evident.
At this training seminar on “Let the wheels be sold in the world”, the co-founder Chen Bin repeatedly emphasized cooperation. For the relationship between the wheel and the tire, he used the "couple relationship" as a metaphor and was unanimously recognized by the participants.
At the seminar, relevant companies shared their experiences in product and store design. The three employees of the wheel were introduced to the parameters of the wheel, the selling point and the use of the APP software. After the meeting, everyone visited and visited the wheel cool exhibition hall.
According to the reporter, the organizer of the seminar, Beijing Wheel Cool Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a network technology company, focusing on automotive aftermarket services. In the form of mobile internet, Wheel Cool APP integrates product image, loading effect, product comparison and other functions, and is deeply immersed in the terminal tire and wheel shop segment.

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