Dongfeng 153 guardrail cleaning function, configuration secret

The fence cleaning vehicle is a new type of product developed in the past few years. It is mainly used for the cleaning of double-side guardrails on city roads and highways. In addition to cleaning the fence, it can also be used to clean walls, industrial pipes, and when necessary, it can also be used as a green sprinkler. A multi-purpose car, save time and improve work efficiency. Today's introduction is a large-scale guardrail cleaning vehicle, the Dongfeng 153 guardrail cleaning vehicle, which is known as the star product in the guardrail cleaning vehicle.

First, Dongfeng 153 guardrail cleaning car features:

Dongfeng 153 guardrail clearing car in the cleaning and maintenance process, the use of three-stroke two-brush cleaning process, that is, in the cleaning system is equipped with three high-pressure ceramic nozzle, two brush roller and two guide rollers, so that the entire cleaning brush system in operation It can completely remove the dust and oil on the surface of the guardrail. After cleaning the fence surface, the cleanliness can reach more than 90%. In terms of design, a number of measures are taken to protect the quality of the guardrail brush.

1. Selection of brush roller speed According to the operation speed of the fence cleaning car (5-8Km/h), the brush roller rotation speed is calculated to be about 200r/min. In this rotation speed range, the brush roller rotates smoothly and powerfully. The bristles are stretched straight and the roller roll diameter is designed to meet the design requirements.

2. The special brush bristles are specially shaped brush filaments. When brushing the surface of the guardrail, the brush filaments can generate large frictional forces and remove dust and oil on the surface of the guardrail. Brush filament strength is high and no breakage occurs during operation. And it won't happen to twist and knot.

3, fuzzy brushing process using flexible bristles, brushing the guardrail surface, the curved surface can be completely in contact with, avoiding the cleaning of the fence left corner cleaning is not complete, affecting the fence cleaning quality.

4. The distance between the brush roller and the guardrail is constant. The guide roller is designed and installed. Its outer end face is 100-150mm shorter than the bristles when it is unfolded. This ensures that the bristles can effectively clean the guardrail surface when cleaning the car. Moreover, during the cleaning process, the guide roller and the guardrail are always in contact with each other, so that the frictional force of the bristles acting on the guardrail surface is even and uniform, thereby ensuring the cleaning quality of the guardrail, and the cleanliness of the guardrail surface after cleaning reaches more than 90%.

5. An important measure in the cleaning process of high-pressure water flushing fence is to wash the surface of the fence with high-pressure water. The ceramic high-pressure nozzle is designed and the water pressure is greater than 3Mpa. The water sprayed by the nozzle is a fan surface, which can make the surface of the fence effective. Rinse and moisturize.

Second, Dongfeng 153 high pressure cleaning truck configuration

1. Power system: The power system of the guardrail cleaning car of the Dongfeng 153 Expressway is the foundation. It consists of a diesel engine, a rare earth permanent magnet generator, a high pressure water pump, a battery, an ignition system, and an antifreeze tank. Its main role: First, to provide 380v power; second is to provide pressure power for high pressure water greater than 3Mpa. On the one hand, before the cleaning truck works, when the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, add antifreeze to the antifreeze tank to prevent the pump from freezing and damaging. On the other hand, provide electricity for emergency lighting or sprinkle water or pesticides on the barrier trees.

2. Brushing System: The brushing system is the direct execution mechanism of the Dongfeng 153 Freeway guardrail cleaning vehicle. It is divided into four parts and consists of a power box, a brush roller, a guide roller, and three groups of high pressure nozzles. The speed reducer in the power box provides power for the brush roller. The electric motor is controlled through the cab to control the motor to realize the operation and stop of the brush roller. Since the power of the brush cleaning system is 380v of power output by the rare earth permanent magnet generator, the circuit has simple control, mature technology, high efficiency, low failure, easy operation, and reduced equipment operation cost.

3. Rotary lifting system: The rotary lifting system is the power transmission mechanism of the cleaning brush system and consists of a lifting arm and a rotating arm. Due to the one-way driving nature of the highway, the guardrail cleaning vehicle must be able to perform double-side guardrail cleaning in the same direction. The swivel arm can deflect left and right side of the brushing system and achieve the same side and double side cleaning function of the guardrail. The lift arm is used to adjust the height of the brush roller so that the high pressure water nozzle liquid of the brush roller can effectively clean the guardrail. Lift arm adopts manual hydraulic lift, and hydraulic lift includes manual pump, hydraulic cylinder and oil pipe. The reliability of the hydraulic lifting system is the key. It adopts a closed and dustproof system, which is characterized by safety, reliability, and easy operation.

Editor's Note: Dongfeng 153 Fence Cleaning Car Fence Cleaning industry's God car, with it after the sanitation workers no longer have to be so tired. A car to get all the fence cleaning work, and the operation speed.

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