Vacuum drying equipment has a promising market

Vacuum drying equipment has a promising market

There are many ways to dry food, such as drying, drying, spray drying and vacuum drying, etc. Among them, vacuum freeze-drying technology is widely used in fruit and vegetable drying, medicinal processing. China is a big country in the production and consumption of food and medicine. Therefore, the vacuum freeze-dryer market has broad prospects.

Vacuum freeze-drying technology analysis

The vacuum freeze dryer combines the refrigeration system, the vacuum system, the heat-conducting oil heating system, and the dehumidification system. It is a new type of tank structure. It can be dried and freeze-vacuum-dried by using a storage space in the tank to dry the powder. Has a good dispersion. After starting up, the materials are put into the material box for freezing. In the freezing process of materials, on the one hand, vacuum is used to vacuumize part of the water; on the other hand, when the material is frozen, the moisture contained in some molecules is discharged to the surface of the material and frozen. The heating system heats and dries the material and brings the moisture contained in the material to the freezing trap box by freezing to achieve freeze drying of the material.

When the freeze dryer is drying, it is necessary to maintain the good quality of the product while achieving a faster drying rate. The latent heat required for sublimation must be transferred from the heat source through the external heat transfer process to the surface of the material to be dried, and then transferred through the internal heat transfer process to the actual occurrence of ice sublimation within the material. The generated water vapor must reach the surface of the material through an internal mass transfer process and be transferred to a vapor trap (cold trap) through an external mass transfer process. Any one process or several processes together may become the “bottleneck” of the drying process, which depends on the design of the freeze drying equipment, the operating conditions, and the characteristics of the material being dried. Only at the same time improve the heat transfer, mass transfer efficiency, increase the surface area per unit volume of freeze-dried material, can achieve faster drying rate.

China's vacuum freeze-drying technology has achieved better development

In recent years, the technological development of the domestic vacuum freeze dryer industry has always been behind the world level. With the continuous advancement of various technologies and rising investment in R&D and innovation, technological development will undoubtedly require greater attention. However, China’s core technology areas are heavily dependent on imports, which has led to the vacuum freeze-dryer industry always following other countries, unable to achieve overtaking.

Vacuum freeze dryer is a high-tech product integrating electronics, vacuum science, mechanics, thermodynamics, program control and many other disciplines. It is the seven major advantages of the material microwave vacuum freeze-drying equipment in the drying process. A new technology and new process have been developed based on the analysis of the theoretical changes, the exchange of internal and external heat and mass, and the process of moisture migration under vacuum freezing conditions.

Experts said that when exploring the new development path of drying technology, comprehensive consideration must be given to energy efficiency, environmental protection, and product quality in order to achieve comprehensive, coordinated, and sustainable development. To implement the development strategy of high efficiency and green drying, we must first take the road of resource-saving development, and change the single extensive drying into combination and intelligent drying. It is necessary not only to fundamentally transform the drying process, but also to carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformations and vigorously develop drying technologies that use renewable energy and industrial waste heat.

Vacuum freeze dryer still needs to improve technical innovation

It can thus be seen that relevant companies should carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformations and vigorously develop drying technologies that apply renewable energy and industrial waste heat. However, domestic companies have accelerated the study of vacuum freeze-drying technology and are gradually building up the advantages of domestically produced equipment, and have basically achieved dominance in the domestic market. Vacuum freeze-drying equipment will become the mainstream of market demand. The domestic industry must significantly improve the technical level, improve the drying efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and contribute its own strength to achieve green production.

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