Chinese scientists have prepared single-layer graphene nanoribbons

According to the Science and Technology Daily, the team of Professor Feng Wei of Tianjin University has prepared single-layer graphene nanoribbons for the first time in the world by cutting single-walled carbon nanotubes with fluorine radicals. The international patents applied for have also been authorized recently. This is the first time that a Chinese scientist has obtained a single-layer graphene nanobelt by a one-step method. Its energy density as a positive electrode material of a primary battery can be increased by 30% compared with imported products.

Fluorinated carbon is the solid state positive electrode material of the galvanic cell with the highest theoretical energy density in the world. Feng Wei told reporters that Western developed countries have always regarded high-energy fluorocarbon preparation as the core technology, and it is strictly forbidden to export technology and open communication. "At present, the widely used fluorinated carbon materials in China mainly rely on foreign imports, which seriously restricts the scientific research and industrial development in related fields in China."

However, due to its own structural limitations, the current international mainstream fluorocarbon materials also have pain points - it is difficult to achieve "high energy density" and "high power density". In 2008, Feng Wei team first proposed the development of a new type of fluorinated carbon material with a unique structure to achieve "double high" energy density and power density. After more than ten years of research, the team has overturned the existing covalent fluorocarbon structure based on graphene six-membered ring structure, and has taken the lead in the development of structural fluorinated carbon materials with high voltage and high capacity. According to laboratory tests, the energy density of this new material reached 2738Wh/kg, which is 30% higher than that of similar foreign products and reached the international leading level. At the same time, it can work stably under the condition of large discharge current. According to estimates, its cost can be significantly reduced compared to imported materials. "This marks a breakthrough in the technological blockade of developed countries for decades." Feng Wei said.

At present, the team has achieved stable small batch production of new fluorinated carbon materials.

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