A trick to teach you to identify the type of clothing anti-theft through anti-theft tags

Clothing burglar
For a person who does not know much about clothing anti-theft devices, the specific principle of how to achieve theft prevention is not clear, let alone what type of anti-theft device is used, it is a fog, generally from the appearance of the device If you look at it, it’s not that the professionals can’t figure it out, but let’s see at a glance through the following methods:
1. The sound magnetic anti-theft device and the radio frequency anti-theft device have different requirements due to different frequencies. Firstly, from the soft tag, the RF soft tag is mostly 4x4cm or 4x3cm, 4cm diameter round, self-adhesive thin Paper-shaped, the back can generally see obvious metal lines, the front is bar code shape, package, a roll of 1000 pieces, a box of 20,000. Acoustic magnetic 58khz anti-theft tag is generally single size, 4.5cmx1cm size, hard plastic case, 2 or 3 wafers inside, the surface of the shell is printed as barcode or DR letter plus bar code, or there is a small hand logo
2. Anti-theft hard tags, magnetic buckles can also be roughly judged, RF anti-theft tags are generally square or round, because the RF anti-theft coils are mostly flat coils, which are usually 8 or 9 turns, while the magnetic and magnetic anti-theft tags are mostly magnetic. Rod, the carbon rod is wrapped with fine copper wire, the length of the magnetic rod is 2.5cm-5.0cm, so the sound magnetic anti-theft label is mostly long, cylindrical or flat.
RF anti-theft tag
Acoustic magnetic anti-theft tag
Through the brief introduction above, is it now that you feel suddenly open and clear, and you will know which type of security door you are using. If you have more small coups, welcome to discuss and make progress together!

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