Tianrun crankshaft: to create an international crankshaft base

On August 21, Tianrun crankshaft, the largest crankshaft manufacturer in China, was officially listed.

Shandong Heavy Industry Group was established under the overall strategy of Shandong Auto Parts “Great Unified”. During the initial merger discussion, the Shandong Provincial Government intentionally included the Tianrun crankshaft, but ultimately gave up the idea. “Taking the crankshaft of Tianrun as the industry leader, it has grown into an outstanding national brand in China and has driven the development of the industry.” Out of this train of thought, the Tianrun crankshaft has not been incorporated into Shandong Heavy Industry Group, but has sought to develop itself. path of.

Chairman Xing Yunbo said: "Successful listing is an important milestone in the company's development history and a new starting point for the company's further development and expansion. It strives to build Tianrun crankshaft as an international professional manufacturer of automotive engine core components as soon as possible."

The crankshaft manufacturer is a secondary component supplier in the automotive industry chain. The Tianrun crankshaft is similar to most domestic parts and components companies and its development depends on the commercial vehicle industry. Among them, the crankshaft products of the heavy-duty diesel engine accounted for 77.6% of the Tianrun crankshaft income, and the market share of the domestic heavy-duty crankshaft industry reached 38%. After nearly 20 years of development, the Tianrun crankshaft has formed a stable supporting relationship with major domestic engine plants.

The four new crankshaft production line projects invested by Tianrun Crankshaft in the listing of the crankshaft are named after the target customers, and there are clear supporting models. The products of the Xichai project are mainly used for Xichai to replace the current ThyssenKrupp crankshaft, and two Cummins projects have already obtained exclusive rights of Dongfeng Cummins and Beiqi Foton Cummins. The newly added capacity will be gradually released in about 3 years.

During the online roadshow, when the netizen asked about the future growth of the Tianrun crankshaft, general manager Sun Haitao said: “In the short term, the company’s growth point is mainly due to the expansion of production capacity brought about by the implementation of the investment project. The main reason for this is the start-up of the disintegration and connecting rod project, the reduction in costs brought about by iron-based steel technology, and the expansion of overseas markets."

It is understood that the disjointed connecting rod is a new type of engine connecting rod, which has the advantages of high processing accuracy and low cost compared with the traditional cut-off connecting rod, and is the future development direction of the engine connecting rod. At present, this technology is monopolized by the hands of a few international companies such as ThyssenKrupp, Mahler, and Cummins. Tianrun crankshaft has become the first domestic manufacturer to master this technology.

At present, Tianrun crankshaft's connecting rod crankshaft production line has been completed equipment installation, with an annual capacity of 80-100 million, has been in the United States Cummins expansion joints international bidding tender, is expected to be gradually after August 2009 Achieve delivery. The goal of the Tianrun crankshaft is to achieve an annual output of 1 million crankshafts and 2 million disjointed connecting rods by 2011.

For overseas markets, Tianrun Crankshaft, executive vice president and executive secretary Xu Chengfei stated: “The company will think that Cummins export support will be an opportunity to drive the growth of export business, with a focus on European and American markets, and to gradually develop emerging markets such as India and Turkey. The main export customers are Italian Iveco, India Leland, Cummins, etc."

Sun Haitao, general manager, is a technical background and has a clear grasp of the company’s future strategy. He said: “According to the development of domestic and foreign markets and the advantages of the company, the company has formulated a “235” strategy. The implementation of the strategy will help enhance the overall competitive strength of the company and enable the company to develop into a forging and forging in the next three years. The modern, internationally-oriented, open-ended enterprise that integrates machining and machining continues to maintain its leading position in the industry, thus becoming a world-class manufacturer and supplier for the crankshaft industry."


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