Huawei set up a regional headquarters in Bangkok, focusing on the development of IoT and 5G technology

According to a report in Thailand's The Nation newspaper on June 13, technology giant Huawei recently set up a Huawei regional headquarters (RHQ) in Bangkok. The move also signals another sign that Thailand may be the real center of digital economy in Southeast Asia. As Huawei's first technology and innovation center in Southeast Asia, RHQ includes a talent training center and a front-end technical customer experience center. This regional headquarters is part of Huawei's global innovation laboratory system and is closely linked with other headquarters to find information and communication technology solutions. Reported that Huawei will focus on research and development, investment accounted for 14% of total revenue, while about 70,000 employees in the research and development department. Huawei focuses on the development of Internet of Things and 5G technologies. These R & D investment explain why Huawei became the world's third largest mobile phone maker after Apple and Samsung. Huawei entered the Thai market as early as two decades ago and has now provided work for 1,800 people. Huawei site in Bangkok as the Southeast Asian regional headquarters for the following reasons. Thailand has struggled to develop the e-economy in recent years and at the same time it can serve as a gateway to other emerging markets in the vicinity. Thailand's large population, consumer demand for electronic products. As a result, government-backed government support for the huge consumer market makes Thailand a perfect technology incubator. As the Thai government unswervingly develops its national science and technology potential, Huawei received strong government support when setting up a regional headquarters in Bangkok. In order to regularize the regional headquarters, Huawei signed a memorandum of understanding with the Thai Ministry of Information and Communication Technology. This move will enable Huawei to share its international ICT experience with the Thai government and promote the sustainable development of Thailand's economy through technological innovation. Huawei plans to set up an open laboratory in Thailand in the second half of this year. This project aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises and make Thailand a digital economy hub. The establishment of Huawei's regional headquarters and open laboratories will stimulate other companies to expand their business and products to overseas markets.

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