Russian troops will equip ships with new 3M-47 curved air defense missiles

Hainan News Network July 12 news: Russia "Alitel" Maritime Electronic Science Research Institute successfully completed the national testing activities of the 3M-47 "bend" air defense system. The system is a short-range air defense weapon specially developed for surface ships. The carrier selected for this test is the Russian Navy's 21630 small tonnage gunship.

The 3M-47 "bend" uses the same launch module as the "needle" air defense missile system. Currently, the development of low-magnetic "bending" systems is nearing completion, which will be used to equip minesweepers and army combat forces.

According to the spokesperson of the "Alite" Institute, the "bending" system has a total weight of 1.3 tons and can be installed on small surface ships, civilian vessels and various types of support vessels. In addition, it can also be used as a super-close-range for large ships. Air defense weapons, as a supplement to medium and long-range air defense systems such as “No Wind-1” and “Rif”.

The "bending" system uses a "needle-s" or "needle" missile equipped with a passive optical seeker that can be launched in the same way (up to 8) or volley (two). . The system's detection range for aircraft-like targets is 12-15 km.

The "bend" system has a reaction time of less than 8 seconds and it takes less than 3 minutes to transition from the "off" state to the combat state. All of the above parameters enable it to provide ultra-short-range (within 6 km) air defense for ships with a displacement of more than 200 tons for intercepting anti-ship missiles, fighter jets and helicopters under various interference conditions.


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