Design of water tank in mechanical rack car

The temperature of the diesel engine and the cooling water is high, and the over-temperature "opening" is one of the most frequent failures in the rack-and-rail vehicle, and many accidents such as the cylinder head rupture are caused.
The mechanical scaffolding car grasps the main contradiction. The wear-resistant hammer first adopts the automobile water tank with double the heat-dissipating area, and secondly, because there is no main hydraulic system, there is no hydraulic oil cooling box like the hydraulic car. The wear-resistant hammer head is arranged in front of the cooling fan in parallel with the cooling water cooling box, and the two boxes are heated together. In addition, the high-speed part of the locomotive has a clutch to achieve no-load idling of the diesel engine, so the temperature of the diesel engine and the cooling water can always be operated within the specified temperature. There has never been a "crowding" of the cooling water. The locomotive can be long under the rated load. Time running, the purpose of running Dora fast running.
Because the mechanical rack gear has no complicated high-pressure main hydraulic transmission system, it not only consumes the expensive anti-wear hydraulic oil, but also the oil leakage phenomenon is basically suppressed.
In addition, the external part of the diesel engine can achieve no-load idling due to high-speed clutch, and the temperature is not over-limit. Therefore, the total consumption of diesel oil and oil can be reduced by about 1/4. Furthermore, the five gearboxes of the locomotive are mostly in low-speed running state. Not high, the seal can be guaranteed, so the gear oil consumption is also very small.

Slicone Tea Infuser

About silicone tea infuser:
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10.Silicone tea infuser photos for reference.

silicone tea infuser

Silicone Tea Infuser,Silicone Tea Filter,Silicone Tea Strainer,Tea Leaf Strainer,Tea Infuser Set,Travel Tea Infuser

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