ISO CAN bus communication interface signal isolation module application

Shun Yuen Technology has launched its own independent research and development of new products: ISO CAN, as an isolated universal CAN transceiver module, built-in CAN bus communication interface signal isolation and transceiver devices, with low cost, small size, easy to use and so on. The main function is to convert the logic level of the CAN bus controller to the differential level of the bus. The isolation voltage during signal transmission is up to 2500VDC.

ISO CAN bus communication interface signal isolation module, its integrated DC-DC power supply isolation circuit, high-speed digital isolation chip, CAN bus transceiver, bus communication protection circuit. In practical applications in industrial fields, in order to prevent loss or distortion caused by interference during data transmission and reception, proper isolation of the entire communication circuit is required. The so-called isolation means that some modules in the circuit do not interfere with each other, because for digital circuits, the high-speed conversion of the level will bring a lot of noise, and the ground network will also introduce noise, so we have to isolate . In general, an isolated system must be isolated from three aspects: power supply, ground network, and signal transmission lines.

The ISO CAN bus communication interface signal isolation module is easy to use and can realize signal isolation and transmission. Its internal power supply isolation circuit uses the patented technology of Shunyuan VB series DC-DC module power supply. This input and output have a 3KV isolated power supply, and the output has a long-term self-recovery overload and short circuit protection (WRH series has 8KV antistatic) When the external communication line is short-circuited, the data collection communication workload changes greatly, or the output voltage value of the CAN bus interface is vacant, the output voltage will not change much and it will not rise beyond the rated design voltage. It can effectively isolate ground loop current interference, suppress communication interface nuisance and enhance the anti-static protection function of the communication interface. It can provide isolated power supply design especially for industrial site CAN bus, RS232/RS485 communication, and Ethernet RJ45 communication interface power supply. Widely used in computer control devices, industrial automation equipment, robots, CNC machine tools, parking lot smart control, smart home Ethernet IoT communications, medical equipment, power meters, security data acquisition and control industries.

Dimensions and pin function description (standard DIP8 pin)

typical application

The figure above is a typical application diagram of ISO CAN. The conventional circuit requires a CAN isolated transceiver implemented with a combination of optocouplers, DC/DC isolated power supplies, CAN transceivers, etc. Now only a low-cost, low-volume SunYuan ISO CAN module is required to completely replace it. .

Key port protection recommended circuit

When the ISO CAN module meets the harsh environment application in the field, it needs to connect the protection circuit to the CAN interface to ensure that the module is not damaged and the bus is reliably communicating, especially at the nodes that are vulnerable to interference. In addition, when using shielded twisted wires, it is necessary to reliably ground the shield. It is recommended to use single-point grounding. Note: This recommended parameter is only the recommended value, and it must be selected according to the actual application conditions at the site. It is recommended that R1, R2 select PTC, and D1-D4 select fast recovery diodes.

Single CAN-bus typical connection diagram

A single CAN-bus typical network is shown in the figure above. Each network can access 110 single ISO CAN isolated bus transceiver modules. The maximum communication distance of a universal module is 10km. The high-speed module supports a minimum baud rate of 40kbps. The longest communication is. Distance 1km. If you need to access more nodes or a longer communication distance, you can expand it with devices such as CAN interrupters. Note: The bus communication distance is related to the communication speed and field application. It can be designed according to the actual application and reference to relevant standards. The best choice for communication cable is shielded twisted pair and away from interference sources. In long-distance communication, the terminal resistance value needs to be selected according to the communication distance, cable impedance, and the number of nodes.

Shunyuan Technology is a high-tech enterprise in Shenzhen in 2007 and a national high-tech enterprise in 2011 and 2014. The company takes "customer's success, our value" as its business philosophy, and in accordance with the requirements of ISO 2008 quality and technology management system, persists in improving, improving and innovating, continuously improves product quality, reduces production cost, expands product application range, and promotes new research and development. New products. In order to adapt to the current rapid development of electronic information technology and meet the customer's product innovation and upgrading needs of upgrading.

Shunyuan Technology has more than 10 years of experience in the design, production and application of DC-DC module power supplies, data collectors, isolation amplifiers, and isolation transmitters. The full range of products has more than 20 national patents and software copyrights. The company's professional team of engineers has an absolute advantage over competitors in the industry in terms of deeper understanding and design knowledge. For the need to solve the signal interference, signal load matching, ground isolation, power conversion, data acquisition, signal isolation, AD / DA conversion and other users to provide a large number of solutions. The raw material of the device used by each of Shunyuan's products exceeds the predetermined specifications to design and produce high-stability products, which ensure that the products exhibit good performance in various harsh environments.

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