Fsh-Fmi2020-a Fluid Injection Metering Pump

  • Model NO.: FSH-FMI2020-A
  • Cylinder Number: None
  • Pump Shaft Position: Horizontal
  • Power: Electric
  • Radial Plunger Pump Type: Axial Flow
  • Driving Method: Step Motor. Medium / High Torque Motor Selectio
  • Communication Interface: I/O,Cc Trig,Aux out
  • Transport Package: Wood Cases
  • HS Code: 8413502090
  • Structure: Axial Plunger Pump
  • Drive Mode: Mechanically Driven Pump
  • Type: None
  • Straight Shaft Swashplate Piston Type: Self-Absorbing
  • Accuracy: 0.3%
  • Control Method: Automatic Control by External PLC / Computer or IP
  • Trademark: ASCEND
  • Origin: Guangzhou, China
FSH - FMI2020 - A series of high-precision fluid dispensing / refilling system consists of a digital control box, stepper motor and one to two high precision rotary ceramic pump modules driven by step motor. The system's flexible design allows customers for easy system integration. 24V PLC I/O, user friendly 7 inch color touch screen interface, and standard communication interfaces are all standard features.
FSH - FMI2020 - A series system comes with compact design with wide range of power supply (100V-240V) without the need of voltage selection. The system's high precision ceramic pump modules are corrosion resistant, maintenance free, and for easy assembly / disassembly.

Fsh-Fmi2020-a Fluid Injection Metering PumpFsh-Fmi2020-a Fluid Injection Metering PumpFsh-Fmi2020-a Fluid Injection Metering Pump

Model Max dispensing volume per stroke (ml) Standard rate(r/min) Accuracy
FSH-FMI2020-A-D(single end) 0~10 0~1500 ±0.3%
FSH-FMI2020-A-S(double end) 0~10 0~1500 ±0.3%

Working Principle:
Stepper motor drives the ceramic piston/cylinder for reciprocating rotary motion. Rotary motion is to change valve direction. Reciprocating motion is to switch fluid inlet and outlet direction for dispensing (refer to chart)

Fsh-Fmi2020-a Fluid Injection Metering Pump

System Characteristics:
7" color  touch  screen. User  friendly  English / Chinese interface.
Selection of single end and double end pumps. Double end pump offers better cost-effective value.
High precision. High repeatability (accuracy of± 0.3%) .
Drawback function (No fluid waste. No fluid dripping on needle).

Touch screen interface offers user friendly operation with easy understanding as well as flexibility for system integration.
It can be either integrated into automated production line, or integrated with glove operated semi-automatic machine production. 
Concrete system design with firm structure. Very simple operation and minimum maintenance.

Fast dispensing volume change. Model A uses gear screw volume change.
Corrosion resistance to acid or alkali fluid or chemical reaction. Compatible with most fluids.
Elastic sealing approach for fluid inlet and outlet provides more reliable sealing.
Maintenance free design. Almost zero wearing parts. Helps customers maximize machine uptime. Minimize machine downtime and maintenance cost.
Dispensing and loop operation mode. Forward and reverse direction motion mode.
Rich control interface selections. Medium / high torque motor selection.
Standard communication interface: PLC 24V I/O,CC TRIG,AUX OUT; Option of RS232.

Wearing resistant. No moving sealing O-ring (tens of millions of operation without wearing)
Ceramic pump modules can be customized per customer's requirements.

Typical Application:
Lithium  battery  electrolyte injection;                
Fluid drug dispensing or filling;      
Reagent dispensing or filling;
Flavor, essence and liquid vitamin additions.

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