What packaging technology does LED small pitch display include?

At present, the LED small-pitch display has become an indispensable display device in many industries. Whether it is the application of upstream chips, midstream packaging, and downstream packaging, the use of small-pitch screens is indispensable. It is no exaggeration to say that LED small-pitch screens play a vital role in packaging in the display industry. In 2020, they will enter the development stage of micro-pitch. The development of small-pitch displays has become the reform of many LED display companies. Important link. Understanding the multiple packaging technologies of small-pitch screens has become the key to product quality assurance, so what packaging technologies are included in LED small-pitch displays? Can be considered from the following points.
1. SMD surface sticker
SMD surface mount packaging technology has always been one of the important technologies of LED display. It is a single or multiple LED chips welded on a metal bracket with a plastic "cup-shaped" frame. Then encapsulate liquid epoxy resin or organic silicone in the plastic frame, and finally bake and mold at high temperature, and then cut and separate into single surface-mount packaged devices after completion.
2. LED packaging technology
Dehao Ruituo LED packaging technology is a method of attaching bare chips to the LED substrate with conductive or glue, followed by LED lead keys to realize the electrical connection of the LED box. LED packaging uses integrated packaging technology, which can save a single LED device, and then the packaging and patching process, so as to effectively solve the SMD package display. Later, because the dot pitch of the small-pitch screen has been continuously reduced, the technological difficulty faced will become greater and greater, and the difficulty of reducing costs will become greater. At this time, it is easier to achieve small pitch using LED packaging technology.
3. Four-in-one IMD packaging technology
IMD's new packaging technology is the accumulation of SMD mounting technology by LED small-pitch display manufacturers, and the four-in-one is an upgraded version on the Internet based on the inheritance of SMD packaging. We all know that the SMD package contains one pixel in a structure, and the four-in-one package contains four pixels in a structure, which is four times higher. Although the four-in-one LED screen uses the new integrated packaging technology IMD, but its process is still the surface-mount process, which solves many problems such as color difference consistency, splicing seams, light leakage, maintenance and so on. The four-in-one LED module uses a formal chip. As packaging manufacturers make more demands on the chip, various programs of "six-in-one" or even "N-in-one" may be launched in the later period, for better Save money for LED screen enterprises and purchase users.

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