Anhui customers enter the kelansu exchange meeting to discuss the development plan

The coast of Jianghuai, Wutou Chuwei; the land of the hustle and bustle, the mountains and greens show; Anhui has been a generation of talents since ancient times, and the humanities, merchants and merchants are leading the way. Autumn is thick, and the breeze is not dry. The flower blooms for a season and then spring, the leaves fall to the ground in the autumn; the old tree in front of the door has to breed the new leaves of the coming year!
General Qin delivered a speech General Qin delivered a speech

Anhui dealer customers visiting KLS Lishui park, exchange meeting, and discuss the development. The Anhui market has made great progress in recent years, which is inseparable from the company's support, and more is the dealer's efforts and efforts, thank you.

On the day of the meeting, the customers visited the production workshop, R&D center, warehousing and logistics center of Kelansu, and modernized, intelligent, standardized and scientific standards--presented in front of customers, as an innovative technology company and industry leader. Enterprises, these are basic.

During the symposium, leaders of the company's various levels introduced the company's cultural, environmental policy, company projects, market trends and other special reports. All of our customers participated wholeheartedly to jointly study and exchange the next development of the Anhui market, and earnestly do a good job in the deep cultivation and layout of their respective regions, and make full progress in the fourth quarter of the 18th year.

One of the most mentioned words at the meeting was “responsibility”. Everyone who called for the “Blue Sky Defence War” should participate in it, contribute to the development of society and the environment, and help the blue water and blue sky of Anhui.

Group photo Group photo

Spend a few degrees in front of the court, to stay inadvertently, the clouds are rolling clouds, only the mountains and green waters. I believe that everyone will work together to create greater glory. The mountains of the motherland will be greener, the water will be more beautiful, and the sky will be bluer.

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