Valve degreasing method

First, the cleaning steps Valve components must be processed before the assembly process: 1, according to processing requirements, some parts need to be polished, the surface can not have processing burr, etc. 2, all parts are degreased; 3, degreasing After the completion of pickling passivation, cleaning agents do not contain phosphorus; 4, pickling passivation purified water rinse, can not have residual agents, carbon steel parts omitted this step; 5, one by one with non-woven parts Wipe dry, can not be wired wool retention parts surface, or dry with clean nitrogen; 6, with non-woven or precision filter paper stains on alcohol-by-component wipe clean parts, until there is no dirty. Second, the assembly requirements Clean parts must be sealed for installation. The installation process requirements are as follows: 1, the installation workshop must ensure that clean, or to build temporary clean area, for example, with the newly purchased color bar cloth or plastic film, etc., to prevent dust in the installation process. 2, assembly workers must be wearing clean cotton overalls, wearing a cotton cap, the hair can not be leaking, wearing clean shoes, hands wearing plastic gloves, degreasing. 3, assembly tools must be degreased cleaning before assembly to ensure clean Third, other requirements 1, the valve assembly with a nitrogen purge at least 1 minute. 2, airtight test must be pure nitrogen. 3, airtight test after the envelope, with a clean polyethylene cap seal, polyethylene cap used before the application of organic solvent soaked, wipe clean. 4, and then sealed with a vacuum bag. 5, the last packing. 6, the transport process to take measures to ensure that the envelope is not damaged. Fourth, the acceptance requirements Acceptance follow HG "degreasing engineering construction and acceptance of norms," ​​each component before assembly are cleaned with clean filter paper, select the dead parts, filter paper unchanged color is qualified.

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