Communication command vehicle configuration requirements

What is a communications command vehicle ? The communications command vehicle can transmit images and sounds to the command center through communications equipment at any time and anywhere on the scene of the disaster. If the situation is serious, you can also conduct video conference command. Communication command vehicles are required to be able to accurately and quickly transmit information related to disasters. Therefore, the requirements for all aspects of vehicle configuration requirements are high. With the improvement of technology, communication technology is also accelerating development. Communication technology is an important technology in modern society.


The technology used in the communications command vehicle includes both a terrestrial cable network and a wireless network. The two are combined with each other. The most important communication technology is that it cannot be interfered with. The use of equipment cannot interfere with each other. The body should be able to allow people to ride while also having space to accommodate the corresponding equipment, space and load-bearing should meet the needs of the vehicle. There is a wide variety of data to be transmitted, and the configuration of the device must also enable the transmission of different data. When the communication command vehicle is informed that it needs to be dispatched, it must arrive at the accident site within the shortest possible time. Therefore, the smoothness and comfort of the vehicle should be ensured during the driving process. The body's tightness, heat insulation, and sound-insulating effects also have requirements in terms of manufacturing. It is both beautiful and practical.

In the process of driving, the speed may be faster, and the tool must be placed in a place with good shock resistance to prevent it from falling off. Fast speed If you encounter a brake condition, the load of the brake must be strengthened at this time so that it can withstand the weight of sudden sudden brakes. There are many systems for communication vehicles. First, information is collected on the arrival site. After the collection is complete, the information is processed through the connection device. The operator operates the command and control system and sends the collected information to the command center. If you want to open a video conference, you need to Through satellite communications, both parties are connected at the same time. The power consumed by the system is also fast, so there are four power supply methods in the emergency vehicle to prevent power cuts. The configuration requirements of communication emergency vehicles in manufacturing must be based on actual conditions, and the system technology is also very important.

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