Misunderstandings of summer cars

Since entering the weather since July, the weather is not thundery or hot and hot, and many car owners have begun to work on car maintenance. Due to the weather and the wrong operation of the owner, there are often some minor problems in the car accessories. Although it is not a fatal problem, it seriously affects the driving and mood of the owner. Below the Beimai network Xiaobian will give you some misunderstandings about some summer cars .

Misunderstanding 1: Long-term application of internal circulation


For some of the owners, for the cooling result, the internal circulation is applied for a long time when the air conditioner is turned on, and the temperature is adjusted very low. The long-term application of air conditioning in the car is likely to cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, when the vehicle is stopped, apply air conditioning, avoid closing the windows completely, or use external circulation to carefully ventilate the vehicle. Vehicles should always open windows and ventilate even when driving.

Myth 2: The tire pressure must be lowered in summer.


Some people drop the tire pressure during the rainy season. The goal is to increase the friction area between the tire and the ground, thus increasing the adhesion. In fact, the tire pressure is too low to be more dangerous than the tire pressure. Since the tire pressure is too low, the contact area between the tire and the ground is increased, and at a high speed, the tire temperature is rapidly increased to cause a puncture, and the fuel consumption is increased, and the life of the tire is lowered.

Myth 3: Tilting parking under the shade of the trees

In summer, there are more car owners who are looking for sunscreens and looking for parking in shaded locations. This is a correct way to deal with it, but because more shades are on the sidewalk, some owners will open the front or side of the body to the sidewalk. The danger of parking is that because the height difference between the sidewalk and the road surface is different, the load of the four tires is different, which is easy to cause the tire to break down and cause the tire to burst during driving. Therefore, the correct parking method is still to choose the underground garage or flat.

Do not put the following "dangerous goods" in the car


Because the summer temperature is high, the vehicle is vulnerable to direct sunlight, the temperature in the car will be very high, and some items left in the car may become dangerous goods that may become “destroyed”. Usually, be careful not to leave the following items in the car:

1. Lighter: This is the most dangerous and most easily leftover item. Some car owners are accustomed to placing gas lighters on the instrument panel, which is very dangerous. The gas collar in the disposable gas lighter will be thermally expanded, and the plastic shell will explode due to heat. If it is close to some oil and flammable substances in the car, it is easy to cause fire spontaneous combustion accident.

2. Carbonated beverages: The dissolved gases in the beverage will evaporate at high temperatures, causing the beverage bottles to burst. Because there are so many kinds of beverages in the market, the forms of beverages are also endless, and they can be taken away as much as possible when there is no way to identify their ingredients.

3, perfume: Most people love to put a perfume in the car, but in the summer to remove the perfume, because the perfume will produce a flammable gas after evaporation, the critical point of explosion is 49 ° C. In the summer, only the sun shines for 15 minutes, and the temperature of the closed park will reach 65 °C, which is very likely to cause a perfume explosion. And the liquid perfume bottle is in the sun, and may also produce the results of the convex mirror.

These are some of the misunderstandings of the summer car that Beimai.com has compiled for you. I hope it will help you. In the summer, when we enjoy air conditioning indoors, we should also consider the feelings of the car, take good care of the car, and carry out maintenance and repair in time to ensure that the car maintains performance at any time to prevent any accidents.

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