Automatic Parking V-Charge System

In the United States, there is a kind of service called valet parking: when you arrive at your destination you can get off the bus and the valet service personnel will park you. When you need to drive, the service staff will drive the car over again so that people are no longer there. Spend more time searching for parking. However, there is a way to allow all of this to be controlled by the owner, just a mobile phone, this issue of new technology will come to introduce you to the V-Charge system that can automatically park.

The V-Charge system is the most recent research project of Volkswagen. Vehicles equipped with this system can establish connections with vehicles through smart phone applications. Vehicles receive digital maps and automatically drive into parking areas or multi-storey car parks. Bit. If it is an electric car, the system will also give priority to parking spaces equipped with automatic charging facilities.

The camera and ultrasonic sensor integrated in the vehicle can identify pedestrians, bicycles and other vehicles. Therefore, the vehicle can pass freely. The selected parking lot does not need to be a closed area and does not require any complicated technical equipment.

When the electric vehicle approaches the destination, the system uses the local sensor to identify whether the allocated parking space is occupied. If it is empty, a fully automatic parking strategy is initiated to accurately park the vehicle above the inductive charging pile. After the charging is completed, the vehicle automatically moves to other parking spaces, leaving the charging station for other electric vehicles.

When I go to work, I find that I may be late and miss the important meeting of the company. With V-Charge, I can stop directly at the main entrance and use the mobile phone to control the car into the parking lot. When the driver returns to the multi-storey car park, he can use the V-Charge app again to call the vehicle back to the starting point and the vehicle to the designated access point without the driver having to go to the parking area or multi-storey car park.

Have to say that this technology can indeed bring us a lot of convenience, especially who? I believe we all understand: Of course, those who do not stop the white slightly! In addition, for those overbearing chief executives, driving around to the parking lot, a little mobile phone, the car himself went into the parking lot to find a parking space, so that even the full-time driver did not endeavor, this scenario is not very domineering What? It also facilitates the charging of new energy vehicles.

The machine frame adopts the manufacturing process of integral welding and overall tempering to achieve better precision and strength. It is equipped with 5 drilling heads to produce all kinds of brushes.The machine has wide application range, high processing speed, high output and good stability. It is also equiped with the human-machine touch screen control system, Chinese and English display, and the large amount of memory for editing simple brush program. The operation is flexible and convenient. All the parts are designed according to the standard, the hair mouth, the plucking knife and the needle are designed according to European standards, and all the parts of the same series can be used by each other. As for the colour, both two colour or single colour wire are available, the machine can be drilled and planted separately. Finally, the machine`s parts has long service life for it is installed with the automatic lubrication system.

Technical Parameters:

Model: LBS70

Workbench axis number (axis): 5

Production speed (hole / min): ≦450

Number of stations (a):6

Tufting head range (mm): 70

filament length range (mm) :50-280

Brush plate maximum length (mm) :600

Hole diameter range (mm): 2.2-8

Rated voltage\frequency (V.Hz): 380.50

Machine Power (KW): 4.5

Air source input pressure (Mpa) :0.8

Weight (kg): 3000

Dimensions (L*W*H) mm: L2770*W2100*H2100

5 Axes 5 Heads Drill And Tuft Brush Machine

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