Discussion on the Common Faults of Fast Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Discussion on the Common Faults of Fast Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Core Tips: The experience of the exchange of electrical disturbances is a short discussion on the treatment of leg defects. Wuxinang Xinjiang six high-voltage quick circuit breakers are ceramic vacuum switches. They have the characteristics of small size, light weight, long life, good mechanical properties, and are especially suitable for launch. Machine, especially suitable for the use of medium and medium-wave short-wave transmitters such high-voltage vacuum circuit breakers in me

Experiences and exchanges of disabled electric frenzy technology Discussion on the treatment of fast-leakage leg obstacles Wu Xingang Xinjiang Liutai high-voltage quick circuit breaker adopts ceramic vacuum switch, which is characterized by small size, light weight, long life and long-term mechanical performance, and is especially suitable for transmitters, especially Applicable to the use of medium and short-wave transmitters This type of high-voltage vacuum circuit breaker has been used for several years in several transmitters of our station. The operation is basically stable and the failures are easy to maintain. However, there are correspondingly more special questions. When the power supply is turned on, the vacuum switch contact continuously jumps, causing the machine to not operate normally, thus resulting in stop broadcasting.

According to the phenomenon of failure, the analysis leads to the causes and treatment methods. Vacuum Switch Pipe Leakage The circuit breaker's vacuum switch tube is a ceramic housing. After a long period of use, some seals of poor quality will exhibit a small amount of air leakage.

When the gas phenomenon is not serious, a red glow will appear on the wall of the vacuum switch tube at the moment of high pressure, but it is also possible to use the period of time. If the air leakage is serious, the switch tube is severely flashed when the high pressure is combined, the glow is increased, the switch tube is repeatedly sucked, and the switch cannot be effectively connected. Causes the high voltage of this phase not to add to the silicon entire circuit, if the time permits in the processing, may replace the new switch tube, cuts the lead wire in the emergency, short-circuits the vacuum switch tube work.

Improper adjustment of the auxiliary switch The vacuum circuit breaker power supply is supplied through the normally closed contact of its auxiliary switch. In the high voltage, after the wire pack is energized, the vacuum switch is turned on and the normally closed contact is triggered. The voltage of the line pack passes through two 500075 drops. The pressure resistance is maintained. If the normally closed contact of the auxiliary switch is turned on prematurely at the time of co-electricity, the electromagnet does not pull in place and the power is turned off. The wire packet is repeatedly energized through its normally closed contact, causing the vacuum switch to repeatedly pull in and out. Processing method, carefully adjust the position of the normally closed contact so that it can be opened at an appropriate time, that is, it can be short circuited in an emergency.

Improper installation of vacuum switch tube When changing the vacuum switch tube, if the connection with the circuit breaker lever is not in place or changes due to the mechanical part, making the contact distance of the vacuum switch tube less than 81, it will cause repeated when the breaker is energized. Suction. In this case, the vacuum switch tube is installed, and the correct contact point in the tube is opened. The resistance value increases to infinity. Remember this point is relative to the position of the circuit breaker, then turn the vacuum tube clockwise a few times, and then tighten the screws so that the opening distance of the contacts in the vacuum switch is about 8, in line with technical indicators, so as to avoid repeated vacuum tube suction Together, the machine is working properly.

3 Feasibility analysis The company's prevention of theft of signals by individual users and the loss of 7 equipments of various engineering companies only increased publicity and management efforts, and did not consider it from a technical point of view. Now, if we use electronic locks, our company can allocate busy card numbers to engineering companies and management companies. Each engineering company can manage its own equipment through electronic locks during construction. No one can open boxes through electronic locks. Unless the box is destroyed. After the project is completed and accepted, the engineering company's card number is changed to another number. The card number of this project is changed to a number compatible with the card number in the management office. This fundamentally eliminates the phenomenon of the loss of equipment, theft of signals, and construction without going through management. In addition, the use of electronic locks is called to improve the safety and reliability of boxes, and it is not an opportunity for criminals to use cable television to broadcast illegal television programs.

Although there is currently a question, although electronic locks are easier to implement theoretically, there are still some questions that need to be resolved before 3. For example, if the cable box's outdoor enclosure is poorly sealed, it will give dust and moisture to the power supply's mainframe and the host's power supply. These indicators need to be tested by relevant authorities before they are considered.

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