·Child safety seat usage rate

During the period of June 1st, the topic of children's driving safety was once again concerned. In fact, promoting children's safety by car is a long-term undertaking. In the recent related investigation, the reporter found the use of child safety seats in first-tier cities and non-first-tier cities. There is a clear gap.
According to the survey results, the usage rate of child safety seats in China is still not high. The survey results show that the utilization rate of first-tier cities reaches 41.2%, while the utilization rate of child safety seats in non-first-tier cities is only 23.5%. This figure is 7.5% and 2.9% higher than three years ago. The survey shows that more than 60% of parents think that children under one meter can use adult seat belts. The reporter reminded that most car seat belts are currently designed and installed according to the level of bone stress in adults. Children are not high enough, the position of the shoulder belt and the child's clavicle are not corresponding, and the fatal waist crush will be caused in a car accident. And the crush on the neck and cheeks.
In addition, the survey showed that 44% of parents used to let their children eat and drink in the driving car. Nearly 40% of the owners had let the children sit in the moving vehicles at will. At the same time, it is a dangerous behavior for parents and car owners to explore the child's body outside the car, let the children wear adult safety belts, and to seduce children while riding. 11.2% of the respondents have left their children alone in the car. In the experience, these are the behaviors that parents should avoid in the process of daily driving vehicles that endanger the safety of children's vehicles.

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