Fast drying water destroying motor with far infrared temperature control dryer

Using far-infrared temperature-controlled dryer for rapid drying of water-damaged motor Zhang Wenyuan, the state-owned Huaihai Farm, Huari County, 224354, the operation method has been described in detail, this dryer is simple and easy to operate, and can be widely used in various industries. Heat insulation system.
The state-owned Huaihai Farm of Jiangsu Province is located in the lower reaches of the Huaihe River. It is on the banks of the northeastern irrigation channel and the Yellow Sea. It is a transition zone from the north subtropical zone to the warm zone. It has obvious maritime climate characteristics. The average annual rainfall is 1014. The annual precipitation is concentrated. In 789 months, its rainfall accounted for more than 60% of the year. Since the establishment of the site in 1952, the electric power irrigation and drainage industry has developed rapidly. By the end of 1998, a total of 80 electric power irrigation and drainage pumping stations have been built, with a fixed installed capacity of 5,500 kW, which has basically realized mechanization of farmland irrigation and drainage. However, the site area and the six towns and towns in Sheyang Binhai have severe flower arrangement, the terrain is flat and low, the ground elevation is only 0.91.2, the waste yellow irrigation is zero, the drought is easy, and the typhoon often hits in summer and autumn, causing the guest water. The guilt, the top of the sea, the torrential rain, the effluent is difficult, and drainage disputes often occur in the surrounding villages, causing long-term flooding of the motor at the drainage station. The motor after being immersed in the flood should be dried before it can be used. In order to shorten the drying time and save money, we used a far-infrared temperature-controlled dryer to dry the water-damaged motor of the drainage station and put it into operation, which is in good condition. The dryer is simple, efficient, and practical, and the cost is low, and the power saving effect is also remarkable, and has a certain promotion and application value. 1 Working principle The far-infrared temperature-controlled dryer consists of a heat-insulating barrel silicon carbon rod temperature probe and a temperature controller. The main technical parameters are 3 temperature control range 20200; temperature control accuracy ±0.5, probe temperature measurement accuracy ±0.5 working power supply 220 AC.
The temperature control temperature range is 20200. According to the needs of the object to be dried, it can also be extended to 300. The principle of constant temperature is to assume the heating temperature of the object to be dried, and adjust the temperature of the temperature controller to the temperature. The temperature is at the temperature of the temperature probe, the temperature controller operates, the intermediate relay pulls in, the silicon carbon rod power is turned on, and the silicon carbon rod is energized to radiate far infrared rays to the surroundings to heat the object. When the temperature of the heated object rises, the temperature probe converts the temperature change into an electrical signal, which is amplified by the electronic component, fed back to the temperature controller to cut off the power supply, and stops heating. At this time, the thermal insulation barrel is used to maintain 1; when the temperature is lowered to low Then, the temperature controller moves again, turns on the silicon carbon rod power supply, continues to heat the object to be dried, and so on, realizes automatic temperature control and constant temperature trapping infrared, and controls the aerobic dryer principle to trap a venting hole; temperature sensing probe, motor Stator; 1 holding barrel; 6 silicon carbon crucible; intermediate relay; 8 temperature refers to the controller.
2 Operation method 2.1 Production guarantee, the barrel is made of 12 black iron sheets to form a heat preservation barrel with a cover, or it can be formed with a metal ring on the spot, the barrel diameter is slightly larger than the outer size of the object to be dried, and the barrel cover is turned 48. The page time continues, and the pressure is getting bigger and bigger until the tank is blasted. In order to prevent the fuel tank from being blown up, the fault must be removed within 20, and the circuit breaker has a relay protection time, plus the arcing time and its own operating time, and the total breaking time is not less than 6, which is not effective. The ground protects the transformer, and the current-limiting fuse can be cut in 1 to remove the fault due to the quick-break function, so that the transformer can be effectively protected.
The practice of some power companies in Europe can explain this. Germany's RWE Power Company reported that the power company used 46,000 medium-voltage low-voltage transformers in urban and urban-rural power supply. All transformers are protected by high voltage fuses. In 1987, 87 transformers were faulty, all were removed in time, and no fuel tank exploded.
The French power company had tried to cancel the fuses. The results were as follows. In 1970, in 1970, there were 500 faults in 7,500 transformers that could be avoided with high-voltage fuses; 50 cabinet explosions; and personal accidents. This attempt found that canceling the fuse was wrong.
The German BEWAG Power Company also confirmed the role of the fuse. The company's report said that they used 500 6301 transformers, which were jointly protected by gas breakers and high-voltage fuses with load disconnectors. There was no serious damage to the secondary injection in 20 years.
At the 1991 International Distribution Network Conference, Belgium also provided strong evidence. Belgium has observed more than 40,000 transformers for more than 10 years. According to statistics, during this period, there was no secondary box explosion. 97 of the 40,000 transformers are protected by a circuit breaker and 3 by a circuit breaker; the transformer is installed outdoors and the rest is housed indoors.
The above facts fully demonstrate that the current limiting fuse can better protect the transformer. The fuse should be closely matched with the load switch. When the fuse is single-phase blown, the fuse should open the phase of the load switch immediately, so as to avoid the non-full phase operation of the equipment, posing a danger. Therefore, the fuse here has a striker, and when the fuse is blown, the trip mechanism of the load switch is opened by the striker to open the load switch. Therefore, the load switch must be equipped with a linkage trip mechanism to avoid damage caused by non-full phase operation. At this point international, 420 has specific provisions, China's combined electrical appliances have also undergone a rectification test according to this standard. Congratulations on the 35th page to open 2 small holes, the hole is used to install the temperature probe; the other hole has a cover, open the cover to release the moisture when drying at low temperature, close the cover, and carry out high-temperature drying in the later stage. Insulation barrels should be surrounded by insulation materials such as sacks and cotton wool.
2.2 Drying temperature and time control Different drying temperatures and times can be set for different drying objects. For motors that have been immersed in sewage for a long time, especially those in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the insulation aging is severe. The initial drying temperature should be controlled at 50 70. The drying temperature should be maintained at 814 and the temperature should be high. The control is based on the insulation level of the motor at 80100. At this time, the venting hole should be closed. After the high temperature drying of the late 68, the phase and phase and relative insulation resistance of the stator coil should be measured every 5 times, and the insulation should be measured with 500 megaohms. When the resistance reaches 500M, and the above is stable, the drying can be stopped.
After the motor is naturally cooled, it can be assembled into production operation.
3 Conclusion Far-infrared temperature-controlled dryers are easy to obtain and inexpensive, and each unit only needs to invest more than 200 yuan. The silicon carbon rod is a custom cylindrical structure with a diameter of 351 and a length of 90, and each of the withstand voltages needs to be used in series. The radial heat-generating area of ​​the rod is large, so that the heated object is heated uniformly, and the infrared light can be radiated to the internal depth of the object to heat the inside of the object, and the heat efficiency is high; the temperature controller has convenient adjustment temperature and accurate temperature control, and the instrument can Directly refers to the temperature of the object being heated, intuitive, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the duty personnel in the drying process, and achieving automation of temperature control.
The practice of Huaihai Farm clearly shows that the motor equipment that has been immersed in the sewage for a long time is heated and dried twice according to the above two times. The insulation performance is good and the effect is short, and it can be widely used in heating and insulation systems of various industries.

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