How is the LED situation in 2015 and how to talk about Mulinsen, Yiguang and Jingdian?

This year is still a good lighting year, LED packaging factory, Mulinsen listed on February 17, the current market value of the landline LED factory second, second only to Sanan Optoelectronics, Mulinsen general manager Wang Jie said that this year's lamp production capacity will exceed 10 million The bulbs broke through 15 million. Wang Jie stressed that although the company's price is cheaper than other factories, it still benefits, mainly because the company's lamps and lanterns 100 self-made aluminum shells, etc., only the chip to Taiwan Taiwan crystal power procurement, currently should be the largest customer of Jingdian, Jingdian Xiamen plant up to 98 The amount of chips is supplied to Mulinsen. Wang Jie said that the lighting market is very good this year. The company provides consumers with reasonable price purchases in the process of cost reduction. The price is 40~50 lower than international brands, 20~30 lower than Taiwan factory, but the company can still maintain 25~35. Gross profit margin. At present, the monthly packaging capacity is 26 billion, the monthly production capacity of lamps is 8 million, and the bulbs are 12 million. The company's current order visibility has been seen in August. This year is still a good year for lighting. In addition to its own brand, Mu Linsen helps international and Taiwanese OEMs, such as Tsann Kuen LED lights, which are manufactured by Mu Linsen, currently operating in China. The proportion of revenue is 80, and the proportion of overseas markets is 20. Wang Jie said that orders at home and abroad are quite hot. In 2015, the company listed in the emerging market, Yiguang, also participated in the LED lighting exhibition on the 25th. Yiguang, the vice president of Yiguang Solid-State Lighting, said that this year, it will focus on the revenue of the large-scale project, including office LED lighting replacement. This year's emerging market lighting demand is expected to grow rapidly. The company has been attacking the market channel three years ago. It is expected to grow with the demand of emerging countries this year. Although the mainland factory is rushing, it will open the distance between the differentiated products and the WOFI brand. Yiguang Chairman Ye Haofu said earlier that the LED bulb and lamp market belong to the Red Sea competition, the price is low, the profit is poor, and the technical threshold is low, coupled with the competitors, as long as there is a stock, it is easy to appear inventory price loss . Therefore, as a lighting brand, Yiguang will gradually shift its focus from the bulb and lamp market to the higher-priced blue ocean market, such as lamps and smart lighting. Xu Xichuan, associate director of E-Light Solid State Lighting, said that Everlight is not only strong in Taiwan and the mainland market, but also actively exploring emerging countries under the Everlight brand, with Southeast Asia and the Middle East having the greatest potential. In addition, Everlight was originally marketed in Germany by the German lighting factory Wofi brand, and in the United States it was dominated by the Zenaro brand. He said that emerging markets have a lot of demand for professional fields such as factory lighting and commercial lighting. These products have high unit prices and low marketing costs than general lighting, which is more conducive to brand growth. LED volume increase price, down pressure, profit-making, lighting demand, strong momentum, listed company Crystal Power Chairman Li Bingjie said that the current backlight orders are slower than in previous years, and the anticipation of backlight orders is expected to rise in April, after which lighting orders are gradually returned. When the order was returned, it was not as good as the market expectation. On the 25th, Jingdian's share price fell 2.2 yuan, and Yiguang once fell. Li Bingjie said that the price of LED prices has continued to fall this year, but the market will stimulate sales under the price decline. It is estimated that the output value of this year's backlight is expected to be consistent with last year. Under the TV size amplification and 4K2K penetration rate, the backlight production value remained at a peak. The growth of the lighting market is expected to double. Last year, the global sales of LED lighting was about 910 million, and this year's sales could be enlarged to 2 to 2.5 billion. The annual increase in LED lighting sales is even faster than last year. Li Bingjie pointed out that due to the rise of the land plant, the packaging and lighting of the back end have emerged one after another, so the upstream chip end is also gradually exerting pressure, which has a great impact on the terminal price, resulting in market price competition. However, due to the decline in terminal prices, this year's lighting market will grow in size. It is estimated that LED bulbs will have a $5 factory shipment this year, which is a rapid decline from last year's $8, which is lower than the energy-saving lamp's $6, resulting in an alternative effect. . Li Bingjie said that it is expected that the LED factory will still face tremendous pressure on terminal prices this year. The gross profit of the manufacturers will be compressed, and the gross profit will be maintained through process and product improvement. Jingdian will not purchase new machines this year, but will increase the output by adjusting the organic platform, and maintain the operation profit by reducing the chip by 70 and maintaining the brightness. LED lighting demand is growing strongly this year with the active subsidies of governments, and the government supports subsidies as growth momentum. Li Bingjie said that this year, both the Indian and Egyptian governments have actively subsidized LED lighting to reduce electricity consumption. The Indian government is expected to allocate 2 LED lights to each family, with a total demand of 100 million. LED lighting is under the government's push for replacement. Growing fast. Li Bingjie said that LED epitaxial wafers are gradually developing towards 6 inches, but the current industry generally encounters bottlenecks in the 6-inch process, and the cost is still dominated by the mature 4 inch. After the adjustment of the machine this year, it is estimated that the maximum capacity can be increased by 50. The process technology will reduce the chip's small model and push the gross profit margin to be stable under the price slip.

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