Multiple centrifugal air compressors operate for joint control

The characteristics of the compressed air pipe network of the steel pipe branch are that the gas consumption is sudden and the gas pressure is high and the difference is large, that is, the pipe network pressure and the gas consumption fluctuate greatly, which requires the air compressor to provide large pressure continuously or intermittently. Compressed air in the flow range. That is, it is necessary to consider that the selected model has an intermittent control mode in addition to the constant pressure, the throttle control mode, and the automatic dual control mode function. The intermittent control mode is the empty and heavy vehicle (unload/load control) mode. In the empty and heavy vehicle control mode, the air discharged by the compressor fluctuates within a certain pressure range as the demand of the pipe network system changes. When the demand for the system system air volume is met, the air compressor enters the empty vehicle state. When the system system air volume demand increases, the air pressure opportunity is automatically loaded and enters the heavy vehicle.

Centrifugal air compressor not only has constant pressure, throttling control mode, automatic dual control mode and intermittent control mode function, but also can be jointly controlled in the case of multiple centrifugal air compressors. The press selects different control modes to better meet the demand for the system system. In addition to the single-function function of the centrifugal air compressor, it is also considered to invest in the central centralized control system to fundamentally ensure the supply of air to alleviate the corresponding fluctuations in gas volume. According to the specific conditions of the steel pipe branch, considering the convenience of maintenance and maintenance, and considering the advanced nature and economy of the equipment, this project recommends the use of centrifugal air compressors imported from abroad. Remote control of all air compressors is possible via the CRT screen. The operating status parameters of all the refrigerating dryers can be displayed, and the operating status parameters of the cooling water system for the air compressor station can be displayed and alarmed.

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