Hande Axle Successfully Lands in US Market

On April 8th, 2014, Foton Daimler held the "Australian GTL Super Edition Global Release" ceremony in Indiana, USA. The Auman GTL Super Heavy Trucks that matched the Hande Axle officially launched in the world. This marks that Hande Axle successfully landed on the U.S. market, and environmental protection personnel from China and the United States and the Sino-US news media witnessed this historic moment.

Hande Axle Successfully Lands in US Market
Hande Axle Successfully Lands in US Market

The Auman GTL Super Edition features a Cummins engine, a Fast transmission, and Hande lightweight single-stage bridges. Hande Lightweight Monopole Bridge has five advantages: low fuel consumption, low operating costs, high safety, high comfort, and high attendance. It meets the needs of the mainstream markets in the EU and North America. At the same time, in order to adapt to high horsepower, high safety, low fuel consumption, etc. Vehicle demand, after a number of technological improvements, developed a new speed ratio bridge, the speed ratio is currently the smallest ratio of domestic heavy truck single-stage bridge, is also a high-performance axle tailored for Auman GTL Super Edition, after Strict experimentation and verification successfully landed in the US market.

The successful matching of Hande Axle demonstrated the advanced production, technical process and quality assurance system of Handel, which laid a solid foundation for Hande's globalization strategy to achieve more outstanding results.

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