What is the cause of centrifugal pump bearing fever? How to exclude?

cause of issue: (1) Sliding bearing bush scraping does not meet the requirements. (2) bearing clearance is too small. (3) two improper lubricants (too much or too little) or deterioration. (4) bearing equipment is not correct. (5) Insufficient cooling water or interruption. (6) bearing wear or loose. (7) shaft bending. (8) oil ring deformation, rotation is not working or can not rotate, with no oil. (9) Shaft and motor shaft are not concentric. (10) bushings Babbitt off. Method of exclusion: (1) re-scratch the bearing, is 3-5 points per square centimeter, the contact surface of 70 /% or more, a good tank. (2) re-adjust the bearing clearance or scratch research. (3) adjust the oil volume, two-thirds of the volume. (4) Check the bearing assembly as required to eliminate unmet requirements. (5) Check and clean the cooling water pipe to give enough cooling water. (6) Check the bearing, adjust the gland, the Department will wear the latest scratch scraping and adjust the gap. (7) Check, straighten or replace the pump shaft, so that the maximum curvature of less than 0.03mm. (8) Check the ovality of the oil ring, correct or replace the new oil ring. (9) Measurement and adjustment of centrifugal pump unit concentricity, so as to achieve the standard requirements. (10) selected standard Babbitt, re-hang tile, processing. Scraping bearings.

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