Low-temperature waste heat power generation system has been broken to fill the domestic blank

It is learned from Yinlun shares that an important breakthrough has been made in the low-temperature waste heat power generation system (ORC) developed by Yinshan Yinlun, a joint-stock company. The 15kw ORC power generation control system using solar steam hot water has successfully generated electricity and has sold prototypes. Once the project is industrialized, it will fill the gaps in the domestic market with broad market prospects. According to reports, the ORC system mainly uses ORC - organic Rankine cycle principle, supporting the main pieces of the use of the shares of the mountain production of semi-closed ORC screw expansion generator and silver wheel developed plate heat exchanger, the use of solar steam hot water heat The power generation system, the refrigerant heating, so that the expansion of vaporization, into kinetic energy to drive expansion of the generator, and ultimately into electricity. The latest test results show that the prototype steam flow in the case of 350 kilograms per hour, the power generation is 15.6 kilowatts, 1515 rpm screw speed, fully meet the design requirements. At present, the company has successfully sold prototypes, priced at 200,000 yuan / Taiwan. Silver Wheel shares said that the company formed a team led by Dr. 4 years ago to track the ORC system, shares in the mountains have the technical advantages in the field of energy conservation, the two sides hit it off in 2011 to set up a joint venture company, each holding 50% of the shares. In late March of this year, the project team started the first phase of welding assembly and made a breakthrough in the end of April. At the same time, the use of diesel engine cylinder cooling water heat for power generation 15KW screw expansion generator trial has also made progress, has now entered the second phase of development, that is, the use of diesel engine liner cooling water on the basis of power generation coupled The use of diesel exhaust power generation, to achieve two sets of systems at the same time power generation, so that the maximum utilization of waste heat to minimize their own power consumption. The third phase plans to expand to more powerful marine diesel engines. It is understood that the ORC system is the core of CSP equipment, a wide range of applications, such as marine engines can be used for waste heat power generation. As the marine engine power, and the ship power are mainly burning heavy oil or diesel, power generation costs as high as 3 yuan / kWh, if a ship to install a 15 kW power ORC system, generating 15 degrees per hour, one day to create economy The value of 1080 yuan, such an ORC system can create 390,000 yuan in economic value. Another example, the oil well production process will produce a lot of natural gas, for safety reasons are completely burned, and the well operations often also use diesel power generation to feed the well, the cost is very high and cause pollution, if ORC system will create a good economy value. In addition, a large number of existing geothermal energy, and even solar energy, generating units, etc., can generate electricity through the system, the application prospects are very broad. Industry experts analysis, ORC system if there is a mature product, application prospects in China each year to tens of thousands of sets to tens of thousands of sets, the initial stage is expected to reach 5 billion yuan market size. It is also understood that the project of "cooling front-end module of passenger car" pioneered by Yinlun shares also made important breakthroughs. At present, it has been tried out by such companies as Geely Automobile Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Nissan Co., Ltd. The products will be used in the sedans, intercoolers and condensers Individual components such as fans, air conditioners and the like are integrated into one cooling module through optimization and matching, and the engine is always in the optimum working state through intelligent control so as to maximize the efficiency. Not only can greatly reduce costs, but also improve the cooling effect of the product, the car's fuel economy and exhaust emissions have significantly improved results. The company said the successful development of the modular products helped the company to strategically tap into the larger car parts market from heavy truck and construction machinery parts makers.

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