A new generation of static knife concentration transmitter made in Wuhan

A new generation of static knife concentration transmitter came out

Wuhan Shengwei Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. has used its own advantages. After more than one year of demonstration and research and development, the new generation of static knife-type concentration transmitters in China has completed the static test of the laboratory and the dynamic test of the production site. The test results show that several indicators of the product meet the design requirements and can fully meet the needs of on-line detection of pulp concentration in production engineering.

XDBN-1000 domestic new generation static knife type concentration transmitter, which refers to the advantages of the same type of products abroad, combined with the characteristics of the domestic pulp and paper production process, forms an integral structure of independent sensor type and special circuit. . This not only maintains the basic performance unique to the static knife concentration transmitter, but also greatly improves its stability.

In the 1970s, in order to meet the needs of domestic pulp and paper production at that time, the performance of the static knife-type concentration transmitter modified by the electric vector mechanism type electric pressure transmitter was limited. Far from meeting the needs of modern production processes. Developed with technical performance defects such as poor vibration resistance, zero drift, fixed form of installation, and large maintenance workload. Its advent, will gradually phase out the original static knife-type concentration transmitter, which will benefit many domestic papermaking enterprises that have medium and small paper machines for production.

Wuhan Shengwei Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. has begun to gradually enter this product into the mass production stage. The results of this gap in domestic products have been reported to the State Intellectual Property Office for Chinese patents.

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